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diamond-How Drunk are You Tonight Dad?

By: jack diamond

Page 1, the story of my father

How drunk are you tonight dad?


Drunk enough to fight?


Are you drunk enough to hit mommy?


Or passed out for the night


When you're sober, do you love me?


It's too cloudy


I can't see


Your speech is slurred and vision hazy


What have I done?


Why are you so crazy?


You leave me alone


Only when I don't want you to


When daddy gets drunk, and hates him,


What's a ten-year-old to do?


Come on dad.


Let's see what I've got


Now that you're done with mommy


She is bruised quite a lot


Come after me now, I'll beat you if I'm able


Punches thrown and curses shouted


I fall and break the coffee table


What happened to you?


You say you love us


Is it true?


1,400 miles


You WALKED to Minnesota just to see me in 1990


But now you're cold and heartless


How can this be?


Could it be the beer or coke?


Or possibly the weed you smoke?


How did the warmth and love go away?


Now you hate yourself more than us


Thank God you didn't stay


How drunk are you tonight dad?


It's really very sad


How drunk are you tonight dad?




...I made you mad


Stand me in a corner


Beat me with a belt


Scream at me and cut me down


Cause my self esteem to melt




I'm sober tonight dad


I'm nothing like you


I don't scream at my girlfriend


I will never beat my kids


Your grandchildren will never need,


To write poems like this


You're just a sad old man now


Broken down and lonely


Too bad you had to push away,


The son who was your only


I'll never call you "dad" again


You can bank on that, it's true


Too bad you had to raise a son


Who can't bear to think of you


This family has forgotten you


Our affections are to cease


Danny Lamar Gilbert


May you rest in peace


I'll never know the why


But this poem is the how


And yet, still I wonder


Do you love me now?

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