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And The Whistle Blows

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, Stop the killing now.

And The Whistle Blows

Another school, another college,

Another shooting,

But not the last...Same old coverage!

Who rules, who's blues,

I cannot say, no tale to tell,

We, toss and buzz

Evil re-incarnated boss


For guns, plenty to sell,

Malfunction, indignation,

I saw it all

The shooter wants our soul

B,C, 8...You, NRA!

Who? I! You die!...Aye, aye!

The whistle blows, the shooter shows,

I'll be the hero...I said!

No, you're minus 0, get it in your head,

Ok! Then, I'll be Helen of Troy,

Damn it, shut up!

Shooter, only wants to destroy,

Girls and Boys...

Hmmm! Thank goodness!

I have my poetry

I'll keep writing about my own,


And the whistle blows.

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2013

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