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i remember ...

By: kitteh

Page 1, no need to explain

I remember the way it felt
when you where on top of me
It was like you controlled me
Your forced yourself in 
So I gave up & let you win

I remember the way you looked at me
when I said NO
It was like you wanted to show you were in control
You pushed harder
and I tried to say no again
you covered my mouth 
so I gave up & let you win.

I remember the sounds you made.
It was like you enjoyed it too much to care.
there were other people there
I should of yelled for them 
But I was too ashamed; too afraid
they wouldn't believe me 
Or say it was my fault
I remember everything you did
But don't worry your secrets safe
I'm still afraid. 
Nobody will believe me
So I give up and I guess you win


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