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please dont look

By: kitteh

Page 1, i beg of u dont look


Don’t open your eyes, you won’t like 

what you see. 

The world has become nothing, just 

like you and me. 

Now is the time, where all we have is 


I have no feelings, not good, not 


I show no emotions, not happy, not 


I just live each day, remembering 

what I had. 

We wilted away, throughout all the 


Lived all through life, now we all 

face our fears. 

We live every day, not knowing if 

death is near. 

Once the day comes, then it’s too 


This is the day, on which we all will 


For some it’s a tragedy, for others 

it’s great.  

So just close your eyes, and don’t 

look ahead. 

Don’t open them up, it’s worse than 

they said.  

All hope is lost, this is the day we 

all dread

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