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Life is Too Good

By: magicfoot2011

Page 1, My life is good but messed up at some points.

With life comes responsibilities.

We must carry out those responsibilities.

With life comes love.

We must all learn how to love.

No matter where we are,

there is hate.

We must learn to ignore the hate in all of us.

Life is supposed to be about forgiveness, forgetting, losing, and loving.

Some take the simple joys in life,

and say it's not enough.

While others sit back and enjoy them.

Life is a cycle.

You start it it, but it's never-ending.

With the hate comes the responsibilities.

You have to make amends.

We must all learn to forgive and forget.

But sometimes,

life is just too good for some.

They forget to forgive.

They forget to love their families.

Then the hate flares up and we all hate one another.

If we keep one thing in mind,

we all might just get along.

Life is too short to hate.

Life is too good to forget to forgive.

Life is good.

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