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Please Help Me---I'm Alone

By: magicfoot2011

Page 1, I need help. Know any good peer groups I could join?

I sit in my room,

day in and day out,

wondering where I went wrong.

I cry all day,

thinkning that I'll never be who I used to.

The demons of depression have claimed my body as theirs.

My friends and family have become more worried with each day.

I can't help but think,

"What the hell happened to me?"

What is it that made me un-happy all of a sudden?

My father who left us?

My step-dad who abused us?

My Nana that died too early?

My dogs who died because of my grandmother?

Or is it the fact that I've moved so many times,

and left so many friends behind?

Maybe it's the fact that I can't figure out which one of these is causing my sadness?

No one will ever know.

I DO know that I need help,

and I need help fast.

I don't want to do anything I'll regret.

I need to talk about these problems,

but the deomns won't release me from their fatal grip.

My mind is slowly slipping away.

My sanity has already left me.

I sit in my room,

day in and day out,

wonndering where I went wrong,

wondering what I did to end up here.

How can I become who I was once more?

How can I be the loving, caring and supporting friend I used to be again?

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