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Autumn Lover

By: mgk kaul

Page 1, well... this is my first attempt and i hope you like my poem i have used the spring season to depict the materialistic and glittering world of which i don\'t want to be a part...i want to remain aloof from all this...its better to have an autumn than to have a spring which has blindfolded men, who now care only to satisfy there lust and the end i am not bothered by the men because i feel there might be some goodness remaining in them...but i am afraid of the spring because it has forced men to shed their goodness and i don\'t want to lose mine..........

While the men bathe in the glory of spring,

like a bare tree i stood,

in autumn,

stripped off of all human feelings.

and my soul was,

like a leaf,

decending down towards the earth,

longing for,

warmth,hope and compassion.

but alas!

with shattered dreams,

i crashed on the cold floor


for even earth betrayed me,

as the autumn.

what more had i asked for?

only a hope.

a hope not of spring,

but of,

a prolonged autumn,

for iam afraid,

not of the men but;

of spring.




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