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By: mommy3

Page 1, This is dedicated to my brother who recently has started his drinking. He is an alcoholic and was sober but no longer. I hope to God he will choose to get help and go sober and stay sober.


The words that need to be said

Are inside my head

I have wanted to say what is inside my heart

For so long but you wouldn't let me

I have fought with my feelings

I have held them within for so long

I did not choose to look at what I saw

Even though there were signs everywhere

I wish you would fight this addiction

I wish you would do what is right

I wish you could see what you are doing to me

I wish you would choose to stop this addiction

I wish I could heal your addiction

I wish I could stop you from hurting youself

I wish I could stop you from hurting others

I wish I could stop you from drinking

I wish I could help you out

But you have shut me out

You will not listen to me

Why won't you listen to me?

All I can do is pray and

Hope to God you get help

I do not want to see my brother

Suffer through this pain any longer

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