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The Silence...

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, sometimes when the world rejects one, he embraces silence ---the silence that crawls slowly into his body and the shadows his soul and brain.


...and so I fell in love with Silence

Within me and inside too,

The tears they roll down and dry,

In the dark room and bed, I lie,

My heart that’s hurt; and so I cry.

The silence loves me too through my veins,

My spine, my skin, and my soul,

Dominates me desperately,

The sultry solitude of silence.

I love to be sulked by the sip and dip of it:

It empties me and fills in with,

I separated myself from the World of Light and Lust,

The parasite prevails within, amidst and across,

And the silence doped me and ‘my’,

I still lie, and endless cry,

I fall in love to die.

...and you fall and fall and fall on me,

I felt so alone and lonely,

you made me cry and lie alone,

with the tears of my silence moaning anon,

I fall in love with you oh pain,

you make me always mad insane...

It breaks and takes my breath away,

I wade through the sense of silence;

Intoxicated by the doping seeds of my sleep,

Made me lie on my breasts, and fall asleep,

coxing on the shores of my dreams, the heart swam for,

I reposed my brain in the peaceful seep,

To take a sip of silence forever;

The silence that made me silent forever.

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