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Booksie Statistics...

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, A short poem about booksie statistics and how to get noticed and get feedback. A fun look at the numbers.


Statistical data is used to analyze trends

Here this is not shared with your friends

So I decided I would just write a poem

So my data could be shared and known


Fifty-Three days ago I started writing here

Everything newly created for my premiere

Shorts 19 and poems 20 written at this time

My confidence and self-esteem did climb


To get comments, you have to surly leave some

In 53 days I left 424 with 73 unanswered ones

I always answer a comment, to me that’s only fair

I received 436 comments from people that care


My erotica short stories got the most reads

My top three got 10,920 for naughty deeds

Seductress and Nymphomaniac top my poems

Tells me curiosity and information hits home


When you read something, and are moved

Leave a comment to show that you approve

Don’t simple say, nice, cool, or enjoyed it

Tell them exactly why, so they can benefit



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