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Read Requests....

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Don\'t ask for a review if you only want to hear how great you are. At least not from me!

When you ask me to come and read

Be aware of a fact you should heed

My true and honest opinion you’ll get

In the comment you asked me to submit


If you only want a compliment from me

Consider the fact that we may not agree

While I don’t consider myself to be rude

In the past my honesty has caused a feud


So before you invite a review of your scene

Consider you may find my answer obscene

I only know the truth of what I feel inside

My honest opinion I will never try to hide


Twice in a few weeks I have been chided

Because someone disliked what I provided

Please do not ask me for my comment again

Because for you two, I would rather abstain


I have valuable things to do with my time

Reading or writing and making my rhyme

So if you are as perfect as you seem to be

Then you don’t need a comment from me

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