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I am in love with him

By: The red rose

Page 1, This is another one about my boyfriend. He just make me feel so happy.

I am in love with him

He is everthing to me

I don't know what I would do without him

Everyday he is away on my mind

When I am in school

When I am with my friends

I could have a hurnded things on my mind 

He would be on it everytime

Evernight I dream about him

I look into his eyes

I see so much love there

Everynight before I go to sleep

I think about cuddling up next to him

Being in his arms

I feel real save like he will portected me

No matter what

My head on his chest

Leasing to his heart beat

His soft in take of bearthed

Meaning he is asleep

Right next to me

As he sleeps his lips part

And I remember how soft and gental

They were on mine and I smile

My heart that only beats for him slows down

So I can soon join him in sleep

His smile is like fireworks on the 4th of July

His voice is like a song from the birds that my heart knows

I am in love with him

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