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Directly at Me

By: XxPrincessxX

Page 1, The brutalities of hardship within the home.

Directly At Me
You hurt me
As you confess your twisted truths
Of how you think I screwed up
And how you think I’ve done wrong.
You annoy me
When you yell about things
That don’t really matter
And then expect me to agree.
You blame me
Because I talk to my friends
Instead of confiding in you
As you think I should.
You confuse me
When your mood changes
From a hellish wildfire
To my picture-perfect Mommy.
You patronize me
Because I’m so young
With apparently no experience
But that doesn’t really matter.
You love me
Because I’m your daughter
And that’s why it kills
To feel like I’m never enough.
Hurt, annoyance, blame
Confusion, patronization, love…
Why the hell must this be so complicated?
Where did I go wrong? What did I do?
Why am I so scared of you?
I feel like everything that’s wrong with your life,
You aim in my direction,
Launching it my way,
Sending it,
Directly at me.

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