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Big Time Rush joins together to save the world from ending (the guys from big time rush have super powers)

Script By: Brennan is so sweet

if you watched Big Time Rush
people in my story :)
Bronwyn and James
Katie and Carlos
the boys that are single
i am looking for some girls that want to be in my story if your one i need to know if you want to date Kendall or Logan

Submitted:Dec 12, 2011    Reads: 56    Comments: 0    Likes: 3   

James= purple Kendall= green Logan= teal blue Carlos= blue Bronwyn= dark purple Katie= red Mr. Bitters= light orange Gustavo= dark green Kelly= gray the story starts at the palm woods in Kendall's pro file Kendall: Carlos we have to hurry christmas is almost here. Carlos: i noticed. Kendall: what are you doing? Carlos: decorating. Kendall: but it looks like James with christmas lights. Carlos: correct because James is cheaper. James: i am not cheap and i feel tingling. Logan: what a day *closes front door* why is James shining? Carlos: and here we called you the smart one and yet you can't figure it out. Logan: prices went up. Kendall: James. Carlos: *looks at James* Logan: *sits down* your trying to save money. Carlos: yes. Mr. Bitters: actually your still costing me lot's of money with the lights on. James: i wish i could help but i am tied up at the moment with christmas lights. Katie: we are back me and Bronwyn were shopping like crazy for the perfect gift. Kendall: did you have fun? Bronwyn: we had a blast. James: CARLOS UNTIE ME I WANT TO GIVE MY GIRLFRIEND A HUG! Carlos: well i don't know. Logan: Carlos just go buy a christmas tree. Carlos: no James looks cool now. James: where have you been i always look cool *looks over at Bronwyn* Katie: the lights are more brighter now Carlos you should turn it off before the power goes out. Carlos: its fine. James: well the lights are dead now can you free me. Carlos: and just why not? James: Carlos i feel fat you had to put lot's of christmas lights on me so i would not be showing my skin it's your fault i feel like i have a fever. Carlos: ok i will free you. Kendall: James is going to live. Logan: ok i am outta here. Kendall: why? Logan: because Bronwyn and Katie are here now and you must have forgot Katie is dating Carlos and Bronwyn is dating James and they are about ready to kiss each other and i want to be long gone before that happens if you like my story and want to be in it tell me your age your favorite flower and your favorite music the hobbies you like doing because i might put it in the story who you want to be your friend or best friend your enemy's your favorite color your name in the story do you want to be related to anyone in the story what's your favorite food and soda and things that you would normally put in the story if you were going to add someone and you wanted to tell the reader if you help me out i promise when i get online i will finish making this story.


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