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Not Knowing Your Friends

Script By: Mindbuzzproductions

Lemon is new to the whole summer club and wants to be popular just like in school. But instead she is bullied and tormented by the snob of the club, Avery. Avery is jealous of Evenias and Lemon so she picks on them. She makes it hard for both of them to even take a step without being tormented.

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Act 1

Scene 1. All Blonds Aren't Dumb

  • AVERY: This group is so smart. We are way smarter than everyone else in this room.

  • LEMON: Can I join your group? The other groups have too many people.

  • AVERY: Only smart people can come into this group.

  • LEMON: Who says I'm not smart?

  • ERIC: Girl, you are blonde.

  • LEMON: Not all blondes are dumb. I'm really smart.

  • CALICO: Prove it then, Blondey.

  • LEMON: I really have to prove my intelligence? What do I possibly have to do?

  • ERIC: Who are the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore?

  • LEMON: Really. It's George Washington, Andrew Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Duh.

  • CALICO: That was too easy.

  • MR. JUAN: Just let Lemon in your group already! The nerves of you kids.

  • AVERY: You got lucky Lemonhead.

  • LEMON: It's only Lemon.

  • AVERY: I knew what I said.

  • LEMON: I'm not what you say I am.

  • EVENIAS: (She walks by) Here take this. (She drops a note by LEMON)

  • ERIC: What's this? (He snatches paper up)

  • CALICO: Give me (He takes paper) this.

  • LEMON: I believe that's for me.

  • CALICO: (He opens note and starts reading out loud) Girl, don't worry.

  • AVERY: Give me. (She takes paper)

  • EVENIAS: This is not for you. (She takes paper and places it in LEMON'S hand)

(Kids in groups stare at LEMON coldly)

Scene 2. A Friend in Need

(LEMON is walking out of the school and EVENIAS catches up with her)

  • EVENIAS: Did you read the note?

  • LEMON: Yes but who are you?

  • EVENIAS: I'm Evenias. Some people call me Nias. Others call me Veni. Or you can call me Evelyn.

  • LEMON: What do you prefer? (EVENIAS stares into space) Hello.

  • EVENIAS: I like Evenias. Who are you? I saw the snobs picking on you.

  • LEMON: I'm Lemon. Nice to meet you.

  • EVENIAS: To avoid those snobs tomorrow, you can join my group. That's if you want to. You don't have to if you don't want to.

  • LEMON: Sure, I'll join your group.

  • EVENIAS: Really? I didn't expect that.

  • LEMON: It has got to be better than Avery commenting on my blonde hair.

  • EVENIAS: That reminds me are you a natural blonde or one of those girls who dye their hair.

  • LEMON: I'm a natural.

  • EVENIAS: So where did you come from?

  • LEMON: Oh I have lived here all my life.

  • EVENIAS: I've never seen you before. What school do you go to?

  • LEMON: The public school.

  • EVENIAS: I go there too. I'm wonder why we've never met before now.

  • LEMON: Well it's a big district.

  • EVANIAS: Yeah there's like six Math teachers.

  • LEMON: Yep. Evenias.

  • EVENIAS: Yes?

  • LEMON: I'm just saying your name.

  • EVENIAS: Are we friends?

  • LEMON: You can say that.

  • EVENIAS: Yeah!

  • LEMON: You don't have many friends, do you?

  • EVENIAS: (She slumps down) No.

Scene 3. The Bully

(LEMON is sitting at EVENIAS's table)

  • AVERY: (She walks by LEMON and leans over by her) I knew you weren't smart Blondey.

  • LEMON: I am smart as far as you know.

  • AVERY: No you're not. You have a brain like a chimp.

  • LEMON: Well chimps are pretty smart, so.

  • AVERY: (She hits the side of LEMON'S head) Pea brain.

  • ROSITA: Hey Avery! Go pick on yourself for once in your life.

  • AVERY: Lemonhead is more fun. Try it!

  • ROSITA: Lemon, you're too much of a snob!

  • JENIFER: Rosita! How could you?

  • ROSITA: Well, maybe I like Avery better than all of you! I only like Evenias and she's not here today!

  • AVERY: Rosita, join my group. You are smart, unlike these low lives.

  • ROSITA: Yeah I'm tired of being an Omega; I want to be an Alpha.

  • LEMON: Rosita‚Ķ (She gets cut off by Rosita)

  • ROSITA: Don't Rosita me, blonde hair.

  • AVERY: It needs some work.

Scene 4. A Choice

  • EVENIAS: I heard what had happened Rosita.

  • ROSITA: It was fun!

  • EVENIAS: Grandpa didn't raise us to be bullies. He raised us to be friendly to people around us.

  • ROSITA: Maybe I want to be friendly to my friends.

  • EVENIAS: Maybe you're acting foolish.

  • ROSITA: Maybe I want to break the rules.

  • EVENIAS: Breaking the rules is shunned upon.

  • ROSITA: You're not my mom!

  • EVENIAS: We don't have a mom. Don't you remember?

  • ROSITA: I'm sorry, but I do have my own choices.

  • EVENIAS: Your choice is to be mean to others.

  • ROSITA: Exactly.

  • EVENIAS: It's like I don't even know you anymore.

  • ROSITA: You don't know me. (She turns around) You don't know who I hang out with or who I admire.

  • EVENIAS: I used to but we've grown apart over years.

  • ROSITA: All you do is nag. You have a giant head! You have no serious friends. You're a nerd.

  • EVENIAS: What has happened to you?! You're acting like Avery.

  • ROSITA: (She turns around) She's my friend.

  • EVENIAS: She doesn't know anything about you.

  • ROSITA: Neither do you!

Scene 5. Avery

  • EVENIAS: I'm sure she didn't mean it.

  • LEMON: She meant what she said. Sometimes I think it's true.

  • EVENIAS: It's not.

  • LEMON: How would you know? We've only known each other for about a week.

  • EVENIAS: So far you're not.

  • LEMON: Thanks. (She trips and books go flying)

  • AVERY: (She walks up to LEMON) Aw, did the baby girl drop her books.

  • EVENIAS: Back off Avery!

  • AVERY: What are you going to do about it nerdy girl? (She gets closer to EVENIAS)

  • EVENIAS: (Shaking) Nothing.

  • AVERY: What did you say?

  • EVENIAS: I will do nothing.

  • AVERY: That's what I thought you said. Now listen losers, you guys are so not smart and defiantly not beautiful or talented. I'm going to enter in the talent show and I'm going to win it. So don't try and get in my way. Understand?

  • EVENIAS: (Stuttering) Y-yes A-a-a-Avery I w-won't do a-anything.

  • AVERY: What about you Lemonhead?

  • LEMON: I'll think about it.

  • AVERY: You better think right!

  • LEMON: I know I will.

  • AVERY: See you later losers! (She walks off)

  • EVENIAS: She has got guts.

  • LEMON: A talent show?

  • EVENIAS: Yeah we have one every month.

  • LEMON: When is it?

  • EVENIAS: At the end of the month.

  • LEMON: I wish I had a talent just to beat Avery.

Scene 6. The Talent


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