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Zorua is Born!

Book By: PewDieBro

This is one of the first comic scrips that'll be on here. the comic's name is the title :P but the comic series is called Blue Leaf (bL) so please view and enjoy!

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On a nice sunny day me (Ichigo) and my friend Prof. Blackheart were walking on a trail just strolling around talking just strolling around, talking about some battles we fought before. "Ichigo when is that egg goanna hatch?" Blackheart asked with Lily (her Snivy) and Skyfall (her Shaymin) next to her "Uh…I didn't know, soon maybe." I said with my evee (Jolt) and my Jolteon (Volt) "It's been a month already it must be close" Blackheart said with a concerned look on her face "What's with the look?" I said raising an eye bro. But before she could answer we hear a crack, crack, and crack! I looked down at the egg and I could see pleases of the top are missing! "It's finally time!" I said showing Blackheart, crouching, then crack, crack, pop! The egg finally cracked open to reveal a baby Zorua! "Oh my god, it's so cute!" Blackheart cooed at the Zorua "It's a female! I think I'll name her Julie!" I said taking out a Pokéball to capture her, after that I let her out and found her in a curled up ball of fuzz, asleep, so I asked Blackheart to gently pick her up, considering she is a daycare/scientists, and hold her till she woke up. "She's so cute!" Blackheart whispered, rubbing her cheek on Julie "I know! Hey, does this mean we're parents?" I whispered excitedly but Blackheart, holding the sleeping Zorua with one hand, punched me downward with a mighty whack! "NO! Don't ruin the moment!" Blackheart said with a ticked-off expression "Oww! Did you have to hit me so hard?!" I hissed trying not to wake the baby, now with a bump on my head, I then searched for a never melt ice shard. "Quite down! You'll wake Julie!" She hissed getting ready to hit me again" Chi koso! Don't hit me again!" I pleaded, enduring for the next punch. Then we hear a small wine coming out of Julie as she starts wiggling around in Blackheart's arms "He, he, he, she tickles!" Giggled Blackheart as she passed Julie over to me that's when the little Zorua opened her shiny gold eyes and stared at me "Hi Julie!" I whispered to the little Zorua. She then yawned and stretched her legs then rolled over to stand on my arms "Aww how cute! Too cute! I'm goanna over load!" Blackheart squealed as she started to blush, going gaga over me and the little Zorua, that she looked like she was about to faint but then fell head over heels when the Zorua jumped upon my chest and started to lick my face! "Blackheart, are you ok!?" I asked, giggling over the thorough licking "Please…no more!" She said holding her face, then Julie jumped out of my arms and landed near Blackheart's face and cuddled with her "I didn't know you had such a bright heart!" I retorted, squatting in front of her "He, he, he, wait!" Blackheart gasped picking herself off the ground then picked up Julie "You can use elusion right? Then can you turn into a snive?" Blackheart said picking up Lily with one hand and with one glance the Zorua transformed in to a snive look alike of Lily! "Wow! Besides the eye color the elusion is perfect!" I said standing a little too close to Blackheart then POW! She hits me again "Why-y-y-y!?" I cried holding my head in agony, then I hear a click and Xavier (my glaceon) came out and with one look he used blizzard and covered us with in a 10' radius with snow! "Ahh! Better!" I sighed in relief and patted the glaceon on the head then turned my head to look at Blackheart and Julie (who turned into a small glaceon to adjust to the cold) who were buried in snow. Julie Jumped out of Blackheart's hands and shook the snow off "I'm s-so s-s-sorry!" I stuttered at the unusual feeling "You! Baka!" She smacked me across the face so hard that I flew in the air, another click and Danny (my Honchcrow) appeared and caught me ("What the hell did you do this time!?") he said giving me a look but I diverted my eyes to the ground where Blackheart and her Red eyes glimmering at me "Danny, please bring us down." I sighed as we descended; when I got off of Danny's back Xavier use his super cold breathe to numb the pain on my cheek ("what happened?") Danny said Xavier who finished treating my red cheek ("Well") Xavier sighed then tilted his head towered the smaller glaceon ("Hey, kid!") Danny yelled at the glaceon ("Y-yes?) She said shyly ("IS this your true form? I have never seen a glaceon so small.") Danny said taking a better look at her ("Oh! Ya! He, he, fooled you!") She said turning into her true form ("Ah! A Zorua! What's your name?") Danny asked relaxing ("Julie!") squeaked the hyper active Zorua, jumping around. Then all of a sudden the snow melted away so we looked at Blackheart and saw Rex (her Flareon) using heat wave. ("Hi!") Julie yelled which startled the poor Flareon and he fled back to Blackheart's side. ("What's wrong with him?") Julia asked tilting her head in an adorable way ("Well, he's blind which means he can't see.") Xavier explained frowning ("Oh") exclaimed the little Zorua lowering her head in shame for startling him ("Don't be sad for him little one, for Blackheart is working on a cure for it, so cheer up!") said the ghastly looking Shaymin named Skyfall. "Hey! We're leaving guy, let's go!" I yelled rallying my Pokémon to my side "Ok, return Jolt, Volt, and Xavier!" I said, leaving Julie and Danny "Need a ride?" I asked Blackheart turning to face her "Y-yes, thank you!" she said then walked up to me and gave a small kiss on my red face "B-blackheart!" I bumbled but was interrupted by her hand touching my slapped cheek "Don't spoil it." She said hopping onto Danny and flew away "Blackheart ai-shiteru!" I said out loud "Watashi no shi sana usage (my little bunny)."


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