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Avatar: The Last Airbender - Memorable Moments

Script By: smileyfication

This isn't a script but it's what they say. These are a few of the moments that stand out for me. (the picture is not mine)

Submitted:Jun 22, 2010    Reads: 1,096    Comments: 18    Likes: 4   

  1. Sokka: "Drink cactus juice! It'll quench ya! Nothin's quenchier! It's the quenchiest! Who lit Toph on fire... How did we get out here in the middle of the ocean?"
  2. Sokka: "It's a giant mushroom. Maybe It's Friendly!!!! Friendly Mushroom! Friendly Mushroom! Who's a giant friend!?!?"

    Katara: You've been hallucinating on cactus juice all day and now you just lick something you find off a wall!?!?!"

    Sokka: "I have a natural curiosity."

  3. Sokka: "I think my head is starting to clear out that cactus juice... Ooh! Wall slime! *licks slime and spits it back out* Ugh! Tastes like rotten penguin meat!!! Oh, I feel woozy..."
  4. Sokka: "Take that rock"

    Katara: "Sokka! There's nothing there!"

    ... Some time later...

    Sokka: "Yes she got it!!!... She got it right?"

    Katara: "Yes she did..."

  5. Sokka: "Die wasp!!!:
  6. Sokka: "Greetings avatar aang!"

    Sokka: "Right... This is Katara, my flying sister

  7. Aang: "This is Appa, my flying bisen."

    Sokka: "No way. I am not getting on that flying snot monster!"
    Katara: "Are you hoping some other monster wants to give you a ride? You know, before you freeze to death?"

  8. Katara: "Come on Sokka, we're leaving"

    Katara: *sewing sokka's underwear* "That's great Aang..."

    Aang: "You weren't even watching"

    Katara: *still not watching* "That's great Aang..."

  9. Aang: "Hey Katara, check out this airbending trick"
  10. Sokka wearing a dress (Kyoshi uniform)
  11. Katara: *asking fortune telling lady* "Should I have mango or papaya for breakfast?"

    Aang: "How did you know I was looking for it?"

    Mang: "I was er... kind of... stalking you..."

    Aang: *blushes* "Uh...thanks..."

  12. Mang: "I think you're looking for this"*hands aang book*

    Katara: "Then you should get it. You deserve something nice."

    Sokka: "I do don't I? But no, it's too expensive. I shouldn't."

    Katara: "Alright, then don't."

    Sokka: "You know what? I'm gonna get it!"

    ...Some time later...

    Sokka: "What was I thinking? I don't need a new bag! Why'd you let me buy this?"

    ...More time later...

    Sokka: "I gotta admit, now I'm really glad I bought this bag. It matches the belt perfectly"

    Katara: *sarcastically* "That is a big relief"

  13. Sokka: "It's pricey but I really do like it.."

    Katara: "You're the one whose bag matches his belt"

  14. Toph: "What are you doing here, Twinkletoes?"
    Aang: "How'd you know it was me?"
    Sokka: "Don't answer to Twinkletoes! It's not manly"

    Katara: *reading note* "If you wanna see your daughter again, bring five hundred gold piece to the arena. It's signed Shin Foo and The Boulder..."

    Sokka: "I can't believe it..." *snatches ransom note* "I have The Boulder's autograph!!!"

  15. Sokka: "Whoever took Aang and Toph, left this."

    Toph: "You think you're so tough! Why don't come up here so I can smack that grin off your face!"

    Shin Foo: "I'm not smiling..."

    Any other parts you love? Leave a comment so everybody can have a good laugh!

  16. Toph's mother: "Poor Toph, she must be so scared"


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