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Language Of Cosmic Heart

Short story By: abyskaria

When we sum up the rest that create us virtually everything begins with one step forward for the person within. This epic visualizes that unspoken cosmic heart inside the hemisphere that circles trinity. Have a glance through this. :)

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There was once battle between good and bad. Both had a heart, one right and other wrong. It was half filled. So God gave them wisdom in their heads to survive. For this God borrowed a language of cosmic heart. Beginning of time this was informative. When this became the basic rhythm, some became light and others went into shades. One day God saw chilly dew drops of a tree leaf, wipe the tears of a crippling young person whose senses were fading and trying all his heat to battle with life. God asked him, did you come before time for the next life to survive? The young guy didn't die and guided back them saying bear fruits that your words see offspring for the next life to survive. Their propaganda so God gave them a vehicle to find outer space beyond their home. God mined those three halves; one where you were born, other where they harvest and rest where they spend their fortunes forever. God understood they need circulation. In haste, they were followed by miles across. They got enough space. Vacuum kept their separation from penetration. Sometime later God assured their need records. So he appointed few, a lot with time and space. So much that everyone made units of resettling. He handed over the draft with few who would benefit. Some others went through it. Only one person asked what this meant. It was said as knowledge imprints laid in the grain you take. But who would be given this grain was the question. A stranger distinguished his presence and asked for a surprise, "When it says that grain you gift is my fortune, I would assure take this as everlasting blessing." From that day, God gave them schedule to rise, fall and wakeup. Those worth saving your life would be back into this universe without a beam.

Imagine we stray on its hemisphere of a beating heart with joy, hope and peace of a gifted prayer presence. Years ago a man held up for this definiteness in the Calvary. A manual was laid down in this café one day ahead till now. Inside history unwinds its presence. Assurance was that cherished hope within peace and its joyful blessed meanings gift life. For ages that shooting star travelled the all corners of earth for a stranger who said from a heart there is meaning in the language of cosmic law. A tablet within this dice made a coin across each one that laid many on these times. A gifted word from every battle fought and those life born, brought up, within what we say we have made true companion on the schedules we were given. Many perished and yearned till these days. Assuring the compliant comes far with a price. It would testify so far that this much has a heart paid insulation for existence. Every stones would raise eyebrows.

When God himself traveled responsible roles, unseen predictable and granted the quest, within the stray grounds of the hemisphere, we find this word before the trials of destiny. We play a part of person if so for the language of cosmic heart sensing every basic rhythm of blood test checking its beats away on this home within ages of journey. Some craftsman might have lived a chance when they nurtured us from dust. In this fortune of time and space, a day of little pay back when we rest in peace and complete silence dooms nativity with a barrier that outskirts for picture of true assembly that raise guidelines where every soul could meet a testimony where they circles the trinity, enter the fulcrum and find a corner of true do away with rest sort of assembly that furnishes the afterlife. In simple gift of a season, the language of cosmic heart resonates divinity with a basic rhythm that come before time for the next life to survive. May be this pages recreates how we came back into this soil with His presence. :)


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