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Illa Nocte

By: araukie

Page 1, Looking back at something that did not quite turn out like expected.

That night..
I was desperately waiting for her to come.
Would she make it? Would she be in time to catch the last subway?
Waiting all by myself, with a greedy greedy heart that was screaming for something big to happen.
How many times did I call her? I don’t know, the only thing I remember is the anxious feeling that was growing when I thought about having to spend my night alone.
People came in, people came out, some had seen me sitting there for a while, eyes wandering in my dirrection but no approachment took place.
Greedy oh so greedy, that night, something big was about to happen.
There, I saw her, her unique appearanceslowly came closer and closer to me.
I hugged her, finally, the night could start.

Never had I imagined how things would end up. Was my desire fulfilled?
Well, maybe you could say so, just like I had hoped for, something big happened. Yet it was not quite what I had had in mind.
No, it was not like that at all.
The night itself was not that long, but the time that it will stay in my memory seems like eternity.
Ever since it has stayed sticked to me like glue, for the better or the worse.

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