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Next Generation Real Estate Agent

Short story By: AVtheRealtor

The world of real estate is changing fast and agents are either changing with it or being left in the dust. Choosing an agent that is staying ahead of the curve is vital to your success in buying or selling a home. This article will give you some insight into how agent should be adapting and how to spot one that is with the times.

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Next Generation Real Estate Agent Your largest asset, making sure the right person is on the job So you're thinking of selling you're home, ok 1 step, call a realtor and then sit back and wait for your money. Isn't that what's supposed to happen? If only it was that easy. You're paying thousands of dollars and entrusting care to this agent, under the impression that the agent knows how to get your home sold. No longer can a real estate agent just put a listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) of their area and wait for a buyer to show up. Not to say that wouldn't work but those agents are not fully servicing their client nor are they destined to be in business much longer. All realtors are not built equally. Next Generation Real Estate Agent The solution is to hire a Next Gen Agent. But what do they look like you may ask. No specific body traits define them but I can tell you it's no longer your grandmother's friend who has the gift of gab and is working part time selling homes to support her gambling habit. It's a brave new world for realtors and the fat is getting trimmed. So what is the Next Gen Realtor? What attributes, skills, and processes do they use to service their client in this ever changing real estate world. In my option the Next Gen Realtor should be: 1) Dedicated. 2) Confident. 3) Technologically fit. 1) Dedicated In my eyes this mean to practice real estate full time and to treat it like a business. If you talk with a small business owner they will know every detail of their inventory. They will be passionate about adding value to consumers and their drive should be clearly evident. A small business owner is educated, extroverted, and adapts with the times. This is how the Next Gen Agent views their business. They should know the market in which they work and I mean really know it. Keeping up to date with statistics & trends, knowing what's for sale and what sold, seeing good investments and educating the town in the benefits of home ownership. 2) Confident A Realtor must believe in his ability to perform. They must know that when suggesting a price for someone to sell their most valuable asset that the price is the correct one. (Pricing is a science first then an art, it boils down to numbers and an educated agent should be able to give you a tight range in which your home should sell in, and they should be able to explain why this is true in terms the you comprehend) Letting a seller choose a price that is unrealistically high because that what they think their home is worth is a total injustice to the seller. This will result in the home not being shown, which in turn means not selling, and running the risk of depreciating and losing value. Confidence is the overlying quality trait but just as important are: Crowd Pleaser (keeping everyone happy, even the other side your negotiating against) Negotiator (know when and how to hammer on the heat, using stats, facts & emotion) Professional Problem Solver (issues arise daily during deals and they need to be handled quickly and proficiently) 3) Technologically fit Which mean the ability to communicate via any medium phone, txt, email, Skype & with any age group. It's to know how to utilize technology to keep clean records, contact management systems, perfect pictures and screen buyers. But mostly being fit online means the agent have a strong web presence featuring their listing and paid partnerships with the top real estate websites to make sure as many leads of their own listings come to them and not grandmas friend. This is valuable because the listing agent knows the most about your home. They know how to get people in to view it and lastly how to follow up and get feedback from them. All this is much harder to achieve without direct contact. So now you know what to look for in an agent and how to tell if they practice real estate for fun or if they're a Next Generation Real Estate Agent.


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