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Lucy knew she was differnt hearing the voice of a ghost wasnt all that fun, but then again it had its plus sides

{well if you like this and think i should turn this into a Novel please leave me a comment and i will :) it was just a random thought that came to me and i figured i could make it short but if you think it has a possibility to become a novel please do tell }

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Looking around the room I groaned in distaste. I was the only 10th grader in this class. All the rest where snotty little 9th graders who didn't know how to shut their freaking trap once in a while. Rolling my eyes I took the seat farthest away from them and put my head phones in and cracked up the music on my ipod and tried to drown out all the noise around me .

I felt a tap on my shoulder looking up at the kid I glared and turned my attention back to my lap top and continued to type. Couldn't people leave me alone? The kid tapped my shoulder again. Growling I ripped out a ear piece out and snapped. 'WHAT?!'

'Jezz cool it I just wanted to know something!' the kid put's his hands in surrender,

'Leave me alone ok?' I went to put my headphone back in.

'Can you please help me?' the kid pleaded.

'I don't talk with little kids ok? So go find someone else to bug.' I hissed coldly

The kid gave a nod and turned away but stayed close.

Didn't anyone understand?

The class went by fast and I was great full that it did as soon as the bell rang I shot out of my seat and was out of room.

Why are you even here? Brad growled.

Why do you even continue to haunt me? I snapped back as I stomped past the office not bothering to check out. Not like I was planning on coming back.

Don't have to be so grouchy but I wouldn't go the usual route something is different there. He sighed.

Different how?

I don't know I cant quite place it but I wouldn't go that way dear. He answered with a shrug.

Sighing I shrugged. 'I don't care'

Fine don't say I didn't warn you. He growled.

I wont ,don't worry. I answered as I walked down the old path way the cut through the woods. Walking I felt something in the air that chilled my bones trying to ignore it, my hand instinctively slipped to my belt and unlatched the clip that held my silver knife in place. My hand tightened on the handle as something dashed out in front of me. I stopped an pulled out the knife an growled as three figures moved out into the pathways.

'Surrender now' came a command from the one in the front.

'Who are you?' I snapped.

'We are from the academy Lucy' the leader growled.

Snarling I looked around and sighed.

See I warned you. Brad smiled smugly. Anyway show them you powers.

Taking a deep breath I cleared my mind their voices becoming murmurs as I let it take control. The winds howled and leaves scattered all over.

'what's happening?' on gasped in alarm

'Lucy if you come with us now we won't use force' the leader offered.

'Psh as if' came a voice. I opened my eyes an gasped.

'Brad?' I stammered as my eyes settled on a tall figure that stood protectively I front of me.

'Now on my count dear I want you to say "Je vais maintenantterealease" and to turn and get out of here as soon as you do ok?' he smiled.

I licked my lips and let my eyes dart from the three.

'Don't worry I got you back' he answered confidently. I gulped and nodded ok so I wasn't crazy for talking to an imaginary friend? Who miraculously appears in front of me.

'Je vais maintenantterealease'I whispered. Nothing happened.

'Say it louder!' he growled.

Nodding I sucked in a deep breath as the people shuffled closer. ''Je vais maintenantterealease'

The ground began to shake the wind whipped around Brad as a snarl filled the air. Taking a step back I looked wide eyed at the large golden dragon. His main hung around its large head two large horns rested on its head.

Don't worry I can handle this no problem. His voice whispered gently as it looked at me

Nodding I gulped slowly.

Now say 'feux de l'enferet du soufre, des profondeursde la lumièreet l'obscurité, je vous interpelleici' he asked.

Is this why you made me take French class? I thought absently.

Yes it came in handy didn't it? He answered. But now repeat the words.

O I see. I nodded. ''feux de l'enferet du soufre, des profondeursde la lumièreet l'obscurité, je vous interpelleici'

The dragon reared up and opened its mouth. With a roar it lunged towards the people.

With a gasp I stumbled back again the sheer power of it was amazing.

'Wow that was nice to finally get out!' Brad stood in front of me with a large grin.

Blinking I looked at him in shock. 'So I'm not crazy?' I stammered as I ran my hand through my hair.

'Well no why would you be?' he frowned.

'I could hear voices talking to me! An-an- and now your in front of me!' I answered hysterically as I looked around the men that were there where ripped to shreds. 'What did you do to them?! O MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

'Calm down ok? I did what had to be done. I hope you know, they were going to kill you Lucy ' Brad answered sternly.

Running my hand through my hair I heaved in a deep breath. 'Why were they talking about an academy? What academy?'

'It's a place for people like you with powers' he shrugged.

'You mean there are others like me?!' I looked at him in shock.

'No not like you, with exact powers. Your powers are well I don't know how to explain I mean you called me forth and I'm here to protect you' he answered with a simply.

'I don't know how I even summoned you Brad; you were just there like BOOM! I don't even know how it happened!' I answered hysterically throwing my hands up in the air and covering my face/

'Calm down Lucy, I don't even know how you did it either I mean I was dead Lucy' he answered coolly.

Freezing I looked at him in disbelief. 'YOU'RE A DEAD GUY?!" I peeked out from between my fingers feeling the color being stripped away from my face.

'Not any more ok? I was like you, I had powers but I- I well it doesn't really matter ok? You brought me here to you when you were three I've been with you ever sense' he answered as he looked away.

That was right he's been with me most of my life. Sort of like a guardian angel if you wanna call it something. 'I'm no guardian angel Lucy, I am far from it'

'HOW DO U DO THAT!' I gasped in frustration. It was always so hard to keep secrets from him no matter how much percussion used.

'Easy' he winked at me with a grin.


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