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And you say life is fair.

Short story By: BoxKarts

David's insperation. Loosing someone close.

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My names Marcus, yes there is no title and there is going to probabbly be plenty of typeos. I recently like actually a couple
of minutes ago read a story posted by my friend David. David is a really cool kid and popular girls like him and everything,
but not until a few months ago i learned that his dad had died from cancer. He had brought it up in an argument on fb that we both
got into with some bitches, but i thought he had said that and didnt mean it...but some one brought it up again and well
i guess it was true. but i dont know why im making this i felt kinda inspired by david..because we're kinda the same experience,
who knows i may send this to him...who knows.
But anyway my story..well for starters, im a really fucked up kid. My child hood is really fucked up and i never talk about it
ill talk about it for maybe for the sake of conversation but nothing more than that. To anyone who reads this and thinks that
"i tell them everything" you have no god damn idea...so don't think that. And if you don't beleive me ask my brother Matt who was
there to experince it with me...but we came out okay, and its because i had him, and he had me. That was just a side note.
The Story: My family is tight, we are built of the idea of family, being there family coming first ect ect. Well when i was little
we had a friend i had met breifly named Joe, we called him Teyson (teeson) because thats what my young sister had always called him
well after seeing him a couple times hanging out he kidna stoped visiting and i forgot about him, and sometime between 4th-6th grade
when he stayed at our house for about a year and a half. i started seenig him more often and our family became close. He was a haitian guy
We became close through out the years, I never knew much about him..he was kinda just a mystery..i knew his mom
had passed away, he had a sister, and he had a foster mom and a daughter(recent) which is all i know and knew about him.
He helped out our family a lot. Like driving me and everyone around places when we couldn't mowing the land, picking up us from school
you know family friend stuff. Joe was one of the nicest person i knew, he was the only close friend i had like that outside of our
family, other than my like friends. He had helped us move out and into new houses, at least 2-3 times. I rememeber him coming in
and i say "hey man whats new" And he'd always be like "Mann nothing good marky" or "same stuff or shit different day" i loved
his persoanilty and unique look on life, he diddn't have much but he was a great guy. I remember one time i was watching porn
and left it open and went to bed, and he came down used the computer and found it open, and the next day told me i had a good taste
in the porn i choose. he was an all round great guy. But not going into all the amazing fun we had together and stuff, because that
would take to long imma skip to about a year ago. After not seeing him for about a week which was typicall sometimes he partyied a lot
and took some time off before visiting off, come on he was 26. He was feeling kinda of sick, but was soon feeling better which he
decided to stop on by our new house (the one i live in currently) and we watched some silent library like we used to. We laughed had
a good time and all that..and then he said "alright marky i got to go, i will cya later man" And i gave him my typicall hug and said
see you tomorrow. And with t hat he got in his red escalaction 2007, and drove off. I never knew that be the last thing i would have
said to him. the next day he had called the house, after having a fustrating day at school i didn't even bother answering. i just
heard the voice mail, of saying to call him back, and i just thought when my moms back from work she'll talk to him like the
usually do. (they were best friends) The next day my mom had told me that Joey was in the hospital for stomach problems. And i was
like all okay about it thats normal you dont feel good you see a doctor. And i heard him on the phone he was lauging having a good
time and joking about being kidnapped in the hospital and scaring his room mates. And the day after that i was at the orthodontist
getting my braces on, after finally getting them, i went to the car and told my Dad the orthodontist needed to talk to him about
the braces and all that. On the walk in there, he told me Joe didnt make it. I didnt really fully comprehend it and just oh that sucks
and kept walking thinking that he was kidding and joking. After we finished talking to the orthodontist we got into the car and
he was telling me how he had just finished talking to his Joe's daughters mom, and how sad she was, then i realized that he had
actually meant Joey passed away. Joe had died from hepatititus B, he never really checked on it, he knew he had it but i guess it dont
really matter the time being for him. I was in shock...really..He droped me off at school walked in, sat down for lunch..and just
went onpretending that i was okay, faked some smiles laughed at a few shitty jokes, and kept going. I texted my brother during
study hall
to let him know, and from what i could tell he was shocked too. When i finally got home i wanted to watch a movie to ease the pain
and get my mind off of it...asked my brother if he wanted to watch, but he wasnt in the mood, he just went up to his room, slept all
listing to music. I dont blame him, I would've done the same, but im suppose to be the strong one. Even to this day i cant come to
grips knowing that Joeys dead. I still beleive he's on this crazy all week party thing and he's just hasn't got around to come vist us for awhile..
It has shaped me out. Though Joe wasnt my Dad or an uncle, he was one of the biggst influences i had on my life, hes the one i went
to for reckless advice, someone who could relate. and now i just have to live without it. Joey did always tell me "You know marky, shit happen man and sometime you gotta say
life goes on".


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