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Tags: My, Profile My, Home, In, Commercial, Point, Background, With, Sister, Amanda, And, Brother, Johnny, A, Friend, Carmilita Aerial, View, Of, House, Now, Sorry, It's, Not, Color, Printer, Is, Out, Ink Hello, Friend My, Name, Cara, Louann. My, User, Poovylou. My, Birthday, April, 3rd, I, Am, An, Aries. I’m, 28, Year, Old, Wife, Mother, 3, Children, Trysten, Hunter, Anthony, 9, Logan, Bertie, Grace, 1., Soon, To, Be, Husband's, Mark, Henderson, A.k.a., Http://www.allpoetry.com/drunkenram, Gotta, Sick, The, Lawyers, On, Ex, Husband, Still, Refuses, Give, Me, Divorce, But, We, Just, Found, Him, Recently, Yah!! I, Oldest, Five, Children., Have, Sister's, Their, Names, Order, Birth, Age, Are:, Cari, Joann, 27, Joy, 25, John, Wayne, 24, Christina, Marie, 20 My, Parent's, Are, Lisa, Ann, Steven, Jay I, Live, Columbus, Ohio., Bought, Our, This, Aug., It, Sits, On .50, Acres, Lot, First, Home. I, Can, Look, Kitchen, Window, See, Screened/glassed, Porch, Yard, That, Has, Two, Maple, Trees, Behind, Lovely, Neighbors, Sue, Who, Ruby, Australian, Shepherd, Skeeter, Yorkshire, Terrier, Other, Neighbor, Forget, Here, ., Also, Science, Math, Academy, Elementary, School. Columbus, Vicinity, Where, Works., It’s, Famous, For, Ohio, State, Buckeye's, Go, Bucks!!, Oh-, Finish, If, Your, Bucks, Fan., Lived, Whole, Life, List, Towns:, Grove, City, Marysville, Buckeye, Lake, Heath., I'd, Much, Rather, Country, Though., Crowded, Like, Privacy., Had, Fields, Woods, Front, Creek, Played, As, Child., Culdesac, Nothing, Houses, All, Around. I, Close, Was, Relatives, Barbara, Bush, (nee, Pierce, ), Son, Through, Genealogy, Studies, Related, Her, His, Grandmother, From, Area., Can't, Remember, Exactly, 4th, Great, Grandparent, 6th, Grandparent., When, I’m, At, Computer, Watch, Soap, Opera, “days, Lives”, Camp, Fish, Crochet, Cleaning, Draw, (some, Art, Work, Posted, Page, You'd, Take, Look), Visit, Family, Using, Sight, Seeing, Tease, Husband I, Due, Back, Injury, These, Jobs, I've, Past:, Land, Surveyor, (i, Person, Ran, Transit), Kennel, Tech, Years, Stock, Kroger's, Gun, Club, (skeet, Shoot, Loader, Puller), Gas, Station, Attendant., Favorite, Surveying, Job, Got, Travel, Over, It. My, Inspiration, Writing, Comes, Aunt, Isabel, Aka, Http://www.allpoetry.com/isabelwk, Met, 5, Ago, Internet, While, Searching, Mother's, Biological, Father's, Family., She, Lives, Arizona, Now., Anyhow., August, Touch, When, Internet., Caught, Up, Hadn't, Spoken, About, Then, Sent, Few, Poetry, Sites., Told, Hey, Wrote, Poem, Asked, Would, Did, Said, Should, Write, More, Haven't, Quite, Since., By, Sparked, Interests, Mark's, So, He, Started, Again, To., Basically, Inspired, Both, Us., Thank, Very, Bringing, What, Along, Out., Way, Express, Feeling's. I, Enjoy, Types, Music, Don't, Prefer, One, Type, Another. My, Holiday's, . My, Beverage's, Coke, Milk. My, Same, Page. My, Movies, Legends, Fall, Last, Mohican's, Tombstone, Anything, Funny. Mt, Foods, Steak, Eggs, Sausage, Mint, Chocolate, Chip, Ice, Cream And, Nice, Yourself, Cathy, Been, Privilege, Meet, Sweet, Lady P.s., Somewhat, Shy, Sometimes, Hard, Communicate, People, Do, Point's, May, Thought, Mean, Or, Inconsiderate., They're, Not., Try, Say, Seeming, Thinks, So., Really, Know, How, Talk, Abused, Half, Always, Inward, Person., Something, Piss, You, Off, Re-read., Think, Message., Want, Things, Come, Right., Sorry., Understand, Please, Ask, I'll, Get, Across, K Me Trysten, Nickname, Boogie, Used, Love, Dance Bertie, Named, Lou, Song, Amazing, Came, Passed, Away Mark, Father, Aren't, They, Cute, Ornery, Logan's, Chief, Dump-a-ton, -a-lot, Tribe, Marky, You'll, Smacked My, Dad, Steve, Fat, Guy, Fireman, Friends, Party My, Lisa Amanda, Drunk, Amanda's, Bachelorette, Party, Duh, Cari's, Care, Bear Christina, Christuna Johnny, Johnina, *devil

for a friend at allpoetry.
My name is Cara Louann.
My user name is PoovyLou.
My birthday is April 3rd, I am an Aries.

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My Profile

Hello My Friend
My name is Cara Louann.
My user name is PoovyLou.
My birthday is April 3rd, I am an Aries.

I'm a 28 year old wife, and mother of 3 children Trysten Hunter Anthony 9, Logan 3, and Bertie Grace 1. My soon to be Husband's name is Mark Henderson a.k.a. http://www.allpoetry.com/DrunkenRam Gotta sick the lawyers on my alt ex husband still refuses to give me a divorce, but we just found him recently YAH!!

I am the oldest of five children. I have 3 sister's and a brother, their names in order of birth and age are: Cari Joann 27, Amanda Joy 25, John Wayne 24, Christina Marie 20

My Parent's names are Lisa Ann and Steven Jay

I live in Columbus, Ohio. We bought our home this Aug. It sits on
.50 acres lot alt and is my first home.

I can look out my kitchen window and see my screened/glassed in porch, and my yard that has two maple trees, behind me are my two lovely neighbors Sue, who has two alt, Ruby a Australian Shepherd and Skeeter a Yorkshire Terrier, the other neighbor I forget here name alt. I also can see a Science and Math Academy Elementary School.

Columbus and vicinity is where my husband works. It's famous for the Ohio State Buckeye's Go Bucks!! OH- alt Finish if your a bucks fan. I have lived in Ohio my whole life here are a list of towns: Commercial Point, Grove City, Marysville, Buckeye Lake, and Heath. I'd much rather live in the country though. The city is to crowded, and I like privacy. My home in Commercial point had fields and woods in front of my house and a creek that i played in as a child. My home now is in a culdesac, nothing but houses all around.

I am close to Marysville, Ohio it was the home of relatives of Barbara Bush (nee Pierce alt) My son Trysten through genealogy studies is related to her, His Grandmother is from the area. I can't remember exactly now but it is like her 4th Great Grandparent is his 6th Great Grandparent.

When I'm not at the computer I watch my soap opera "Days of Our Lives", camp, fish, crochet, cleaning, draw (some of my art work is posted on my front page if you'd like to take a look),visit family, using my alt, sight seeing, and tease my husband alt

I am a house wife now due to back injury, but these are my jobs I've had in the past: Land Surveyor (I was the person who ran the transit), Kennel Tech for 3 years, Stock Person at Kroger's, Gun Club (skeet shoot loader and puller), Gas Station Attendant. My favorite of all had to be the Land Surveying job i have got to travel all over with it.

My inspiration for writing comes from my Aunt Isabel aka http://www.allpoetry.com/isabelwk, who I met 5 years ago on the internet while searching for my mother's biological father's family. She lives in Arizona, now. Anyhow. In August of this year I got back in touch with here when I got the internet. We caught up for we hadn't spoken for about 3 years, and she then sent me to a few of here poetry sites. I told her hey I just wrote a poem, and asked if she would like to take a look . She did and said I should write more and I haven't quite writing since. And also by this it sparked on old interests of Mark's so he started writing again to. So basically she inspired the both of us. I thank her very much for bringing what I had all along in me out. I way to express my feeling's.

I enjoy all types of music, I don't prefer one type over another.

My favorite Holiday's are: alt and alt.

My favorite Beverage's are: alt, Coke, and Milk.

My favorite Color is about the same as the page.

My favorite movies are: Legends of the Fall, The Last of the Mohican's, Tombstone, and anything funny.

Mt favorite foods are: steak, eggs and sausage, mint chocolate chip ice cream

P.S. I am a somewhat very shy person and sometimes it's hard for me to communicate with people and when I do my point's may be thought of mean or inconsiderate. But they're not. I try to write what I say with out seeming an ass, but sometimes people may thinks so. it's just me I don't really know how to talk to people I was abused half of my life and was always an inward person. So If I say something that may piss you off re-read. And think of this message. I know what I want to say but things always don't come out right. Sorry. If I say something You don't understand please ask me and I'll try to get the point Across K alt

Trysten his nickname is Boogie he used to love to dance
Bertie Grace named for my Grandmother Bertie Lou and the song Amazing Grace that came on when she passed away alt

Mark And Logan Father and Son aren't they cute not they're ornery altalt Logan's nickname is Chief Dump-A-Ton of the alt -A-Lot Tribe Mark's is Marky but don't say in front of him you'll get smacked
My Dad Steve is the fat guy alt with his fireman friends at my at his birthday party
My Mother Lisa alt
Amanda and Cari Drunk at Amanda's Bachelorette Party on alt Amanda's nickname is Duh and Cari's is Care Bear
Christina her nickname is Christuna alt
Johnny his nickname is Johnina *devil


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