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R.I.P. RuneScape! Birth of RuinScape!!!

Short story By: Carrot

NOTE: This is not for leisure reading or enjoyment. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the crisis that RuneScape is currently facing now. It all started with the updates that they had set. I therefore, urged players or non-players or readers who have relatives/friends who are players to protest to this matter! WE P(L)AY TO HAVE A SAY!

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Now will be officially the doom day of RuneScape, you may ask why. All this is made possible by Jagex, due to their "marvelous" updates.

- What's the point of going into the Wilderness when you can't even last 10 seconds in there?

- What's the point of winning at the Duel Arena when the maximum stake is only 3k?

- What's the point of celebrating your friends' birthdays when you can't even give them a birthday present?

- What's the point of going into the Wilderness when its size is reduced to a pathetic 40% of its original size?

- What's the point of playing RuneScape when you can no longer PK (Player Killing)?

- What's the point of staying on in RuneScape when it has become RuinScape???

If your answers are no point to all this questions then please read on.

If you have no idea what I'm saying then check out www.runescape.com.

Jagex might think that they are helping players so that they wouldn't be scammed. In a way yes, but WE players are not stupid, the many hours of playing has trained us to be alert when trading with other players.

Instead of doing something to stop scammers, wouldn't it be more appropriate to think of methods to stop hackers? Because hackers are something we players can't prevent, the most we can do are set passwords that are hard to guess and recovery questions.

But I daresay that even if our accounts were hacked, that wouldn't stop us from playing RuneScape. Because my account was once hacked, 1 & a half years later, I managed to recover it and to date, that account is my best account compared to the others.

As an old player of RuneScape, I hereby urged Jagex to take back those updates! Although my powers may be limited but with all the players standing together as one, we are determined to make Jagex take back those updates!

I'm definitely not the only one who feels this way. Many players are upset over this matter as well?and had thus, decided to quit RuneScape.

Just look at the decrease in the number of people playing! There used to be way more than that!

And not even 200 players in the worlds!

And I'm definitely not a bad player who's purposely picking on Jagex.

You may think that we are just being childish but you are totally wrong! We are merely voicing out our opinions to those updates in a different way!

More photos on the riots to show that they are no acts but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!








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