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The Problems with Friends

Short story By: Catching Frogs

This is a true story, about me and the worst time of my life. It seems it's happening all over again, just double. Please support me as this tough time comes around all over again.

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I would like to tell you a story. A true story, about me. One of the worst times of my life. It may not seem so at first but this really hurt me and I still feel sad about it to this day.
It all started when I was 12 years old. I had the two most best friends in the world. I don't want to use their real names so I'll call them Amy and Jazz. we had always been close. Me and Amy had been friends ever since I could remember. Jazz, on the other hand, had only come into ours lives two years before this.
So, on with the story. Our teacher had put us all onto different tables. Jazz had two spare seats on her table, Amy had one and I had none.
A few weeks into our school term a new girl came, I'll call her Tilly. She was put next to Jazz. I didn't feel jealous. I didn't feel any hate for her, but things change, don't they?
Me and Amy started to notice that Jazz had started to hang out more with this Tilly. We thought that Tilly was copying Jazz just to fit in. We weren't exactly sure but that's the image we got sent. Jazz was really into horses so, guess what, was Tilly.
By April the next year me and Amy thought it was getting a bit out of hand. Jazz was meant to be our best friend. She even said that we were. It didn't look that way. She never talked to us that much and she would only hang out with Tilly.
So suddenly there was a Guide Camp coming up. Yes all four of us were in Guides. We were told that we would be sharing a tent with one person from our Unit and four other people. I was hoping to be with one of my best friends which was a few people other than Jazz or Amy but our leaders told us they wouldn't pick and neither would we.
So we went to camp. It was our first ever camp and we were so excited. When we got there we had to get our name tags to see what tent we would be in. This would be our Patrol, our group we would work with. I was put with this girl called Carrie. No one liked Carrie. It wasn't because of us, it was because of the way she treated us and other people. The only thing that kept me going was that Jazz and Tilly wouldn't be sharing a tent. If I got put with Carrie there was no way they would be put together, right?
I was wrong.
They were put into the tent next to us. It was the most annoying thing in the world. I had finally had it. I couldn't let this girl steal my friend!
So the next night, the second and last night I went up to Jazz and asked her to sit with me. I went and got my food and even waited for her so she would follow me.
I saw Tilly on a table that only had one seat left, the table next to them was a table with Amy and the girl she shared a tent with. I went to sit with them. I noticed Jazz hadn't sat down so I looked round and saw her trying to choose were to sit. Tilly was telling her to sit down and I just stared at her, hoping she would sit next to me. Not all hopes and wishes come true.
She sat down with Tilly. I turned my back on her and stared at my food, no longer hungry. Amy was asking if I was OK. I was so sad I couldn't talk because I knew that if I did a weird sound would come out. Silent tears and worse than loud.
I had finally gone over board. There was my best friend choosing someone else over us, the people she kept calling her best friends. Now you guys might think I was just jealous but the number one thing that is so important to me is friendship. whether it's with family or others, that's the most important thing to me and seeing a friend discard you like that was heart breaking.
So we went home. Me and Amy, Jazz and Tilly. Two different groups now. I still wanted her to be my friend so I tried.
A few weeks later I asked Jazz if I could hang out with her at break. When we went out for break we didn't do much, we just hung out with everyone else so we said to each other that we would hang out at lunch.
I had school dinners while she had packed lunch. After I had finished I went outside but couldn't find Jazz. I saw her come out the school building with Tilly and I heard them talking about going over to Tilly's house that day. I was annoyed that she had gone with Tilly to phone their mums instead of going along with our deal. I walked over to them and Tilly said that she wanted to hang with I went and let Jazz go with Tilly. I know it was stupid but I hated Tilly's gut's more than anything at that moment.
I started to walk around the place, thinking. Telling myself to just let it out but I was a shy girl and I'm not like that.
Jazz and Tilly found me and asked if I wanted to hand with them. I said no. I walked off again and they found me again. This time they asked if I was alright. Then I said something. I can't remember what it was but I ran off straight away after that.
I can't really remember what happened after that. But somehow Jazz found out how I felt. She noticed then how much she had not talked to me and Amy. From then on she hanged out with us more and is now our friend again. She even says she was such a b*tch then. She doesn't like Tilly that much anymore too.
Problem is it's happening again. There's this girl that's two years older than us and she doesn't have any friends, only the people in our class. I suddenly feel that she's taking my friends away from me. It's different this time because it's two people. Jazz and this new girl. They are both my best friends like Amy and I can't say anything because I'm not that type of person! I just can't blurt out all my feelings! I only let out my true feelings through writing.
Thankfully I found this person, AP. I can say everything to her, how much I hate the Two Year Older girl and my true feelings. I even call her my best friend.
So that's my story and it was the worst time in my life, it's happening all over again but this time I have AP. She helps me, even more than Amy. Hopefully I'll get round this problem. I'll make sure that I tell you guys what happens.
Wish me the best for the problems that will come very, very soon.
Cf xxx♥


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