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For Those Who Don't Care

By: ClayPlusTaylor

Page 1, This is just for people to read and to stop and think!



How would you feel if someone saw you,helpless,and left you with an angry look?How would you feel?How would you feel when you are needed and nobody,I MEAN NOBODY!,cares?Pretty bad huh?Thats how dogs feel!When they are left alone,they are sad,They feel the world wants them to be gone,BANISED!If you beat animals,espically,dogs,please stop!They have done nothing wrong!I would feel pretty bad if I was sitting on the side or the road in need,and nobody cares!Wouldn't you?Thousands of dogs are tortured and killed,just because nobody cares.They don't deserve it!I hope after you read this,it makes you stop and think!Once you read this,and you care,show this to everybody!Email it to your friends and family,even people you don't know!I care,do you?If I could,i would take every ANIMAL in this world in,but I can't.But,just because I can't take them n dosen't mean I can't help them find someone who can!If you ahve a dog lover out there and a needed dog,please feed it and help it find someone who cares!Put up banners,everything,money may be priceless,but so are precious beings lives!If someone you know can help,let them!If you can't find anyone,take them to a NO KILLING! shelter.Things and dogs shouldn't deserve to die,and you shouldn't let them!Jut because you are one person dosen;t mean you can make a change!Make a change today,all over this world!C'mon People!

Please show this to your parents,neighbors,and others.Email it everywhere!YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE,AND IF YOU DO,JUSTICE WILL THANK YOU!YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE!MAKE ONE NOW:-)

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