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Mathematical miracle

Short story By: deepaksehrawat

hey,its a true short story i wanna submit to chickensoup for the topic "miracle"

Submitted:Jul 28, 2009    Reads: 249    Comments: 9    Likes: 14   


" If you pass the math exam this semester ,then everyone should call me The Miracle Worker".

My math teacher had said this to me somewhere in the middle of my 2nd semester in college.

" But sir, neither am I blind, nor deaf…and I definitely am not mute" I had replied, very much hurt by his statement.

"aah!! Are you not?" the teacher said ,as if he had never known it and was completely shocked to hear the news.

"but child , I have never seen you looking at me in the class ,I know for a fact that you never listen to me and that you have never opened your mouth to give an answer"

I knew at once that it was better to play "The Mute" again.

I spent rest of the semester like this. Everyone in the class knew that I was very weak in Mathematics , but my computer skills justified my existence in the class of "computer engineering".

We were taught "C" language in our 2nd semester, and I was a master of it.

So, it did not surprise my mom and dad when they saw me studying math 3 days before the computer exam, when we still had a week left before the math exam.

I studied very hard for the rest of the week. Computer exam went smoothly. Everyone knew that I was going to top and there were no two ways about it. The problem was 17th March 2009,the day I had my math paper.

I sat quietly in the examination hall, with math question paper in my hand. I could not make head or tail of it.

"not even one question?" i asked my mind

"no" came the reply from inside.

I sat there staring at the question paper for the first half hour, desperate to write something...something meaningful.

It was like my pen, which had been in my hand all this time, was begging me to use it ,as it heard the sound of other pens being rubbed against paper with great velocity.

Then ,with nothing else to do, I began to write...I began to solve questions. In the remaining two and a half hour time i had completely filled 32 pages with pure crap, unable to solve a single question correctly.

"how was it?" mom asked as I reached home.

"I guess my teacher will have stay with his current name, he's no miracle worker" I replied , in a very sad tone.

" may god help you "my mom said, hugging me.

I had always been an atheist , a non-believer of god , but when I had no choice left, GOD was my best bet.

Next to my bed that night ,I prayed for the very first time.

"please GOD , pass me in this math exam "I prayed, my voice cracking in between.

Every night after that I prayed to god for about 5 minutes , just before going to bed.

"please pass me in the math exam "I had say to god . Each night my faith in god would increase .Prayers gave me peace, and a little hope...hope about me passing the math exam.

Two months passed .End of May approached, with the results of 2nd semester engineering students.

25th May was the day engineering students in our college were most vulnerable to heart-attacks....it was the day our results were to come out.

" you have passed in mathematics " my friend ran towards me ,shouting loudly so that I could hear him.

I could not believe what I had just heard, and started feeling a little week in my knees . I let myself fall to the floor. " god does exist, and miracles do happen" I shouted loudly, with my voice shaking.

Now it's 26th of July. I still believe that god exists, but I don't pray anymore .I use that time to study "C" language again ,for I have my computer REAPPEAR exam coming up. I had asked god for a miracle ,but he had two in store for me that day.


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