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Burn till the cows come home (1)

Short story By: Foliostar

I depiction of a place none of us want to be. See what happens in this story of on unfortunate experience leading to others. Written by me in another profile on this site

Submitted:Mar 5, 2010    Reads: 50    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

It has been 3 days since I have seen the light of day . When I first died they threw me into a white cold solidary confinement. I feel much smaller here. Everywhere I can see other objects like myself left just like me in this white enclosed. I'll never escape I realize as I look at the huge doors in front of me. I look down to see what looks like a hundred foot drop. It seems like I was ontop of a strange world enclosed in a white capsul. Suddenly I hear footsteps from outside of the door they seemed to be getting louder and louder. As each step got louder my nervousness increased. Then it opened the large door swung out in ease. I was lifted by strange claws out of the white large confinement chamber. The claws held me high in the air as I felt myself floating on the flat object holding me below. It was quite a exciting experience. Then it stopped abruptly. I could see a blech object that was steaming go right on the side. Wait what's going on the claw was picking me up now. It was bringing me the fateful object of heat surely this is hell I thought. This is how it's supposed to end. I had been a goof guy all my life I didn't deserve this. Thought of sell pity are racing through my head. Splat I was dropped onto the the hot object of doom. My thought of self Pity quickly turned to pain. I wanted to scream as I felt my skin slowly being burnt to a crisp. Suddenly I feel my blood draining out of me, I could feel the blood sounding my body now. I wanted to scream but I couldn't I tried with all my might but nothing came out. I feel myself slowly slipping away from this place. Everything went black. I have awoken to see myself laid in between to buns on top of me is a strange red custard. It was way to thick to be blood."How's your hamburger I heard from sombody on the outside say. I don't Know haven't tried it yet a. Different voice replied. Are they talking about me am I that hamburger. Oh no I thought as i was lifted into a wet deep pit. I could tell it was a mouth by the big red tounge in the middle. I was swallowed and am now living in a stomachs it's not that bad as long as you get used of the smell. To my horror I hear grumbling noise. I know what's happening it's time for me to be dispersed .


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