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50 Facts about Me

Short story By: Hanatsu97

Bored, stressed, sad, and depressed, period.

Submitted:Apr 11, 2010    Reads: 55    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

1. I don't like being called 'cute'. I hate it. But people call me it anyways. So mehh. 2. I love the colors blue, light pink, white, gray, and black. 3. I'm not sane. 4. I live for friends and family. 5. I cry, a lot. 6. I don't like crowds. 7. I like to sing. [Even if I sound like crap] 8. I'm a hollow person. 9. I don't even understand what I say half the time 10. I like to hide what I'm feeling, unless I trust you. 11. I don't like being alone. Though the feeling fluctuates time to time. 12. I have this weird new thinking all of a sudden. 13. I don't see my cup half empty, or half full. My cup is either EMPTY or FULL. Not half way. 14. I have The best friends and family ever. 15. I'm lazy. 16. I want to find a way out. From everything and everyone. To just have time to think things through. 17. I like things that are cute, shiny, or dark colored. 18. I don't like stupid people 19. I'm a coward 20. I'm a black cat. 21. I love to travel 22. As much as I want to be with my one and only. I don't want to find him. I want him to find me. 23. Is it too much to ask for someone who'll hold me when I'm broken? 24. I want to disappear most of the time. 25. Hates how life suddenly starts throwing lemons at me. 26. Most of my friends are f****** frauds. 27. I'm a faker. 28. I like to smile, be happy, and be myself. 29. I want to tell people who I am. But I'm afraid of what they might think, or say to me. 30. I hate hospitals. I don't care if it's just one dang check up. I will attempt to run. 31. I like hearing piano music. 32. Three parts of me: happy, sad, and weird. 33. Don't you dare freaking ask me,'you okay?' when you can see for yourself that I'm not. 34. I like to shop. 35. I just want to breathe some fresh air, but the more I try, the more I suffocate myself. 36. I like to talk to people 37. I don't like school 38. I don't like being rushed 39. I hate 'people who are all talk and no show'-loc 40. I just want to talk to you, and lean on you for your support. 41. I love you, whoever you are. :3 42. I need lots of help. 43. I'm sadistic. 44. I have anger problems. 45. I will hurt you. 46. I'm shy at times. 47. I love to sleep. 48. I like to pray. 49. I wonder about myself time to time. 50. I'm going to sleep.


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