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My past addiction to metamphetamine (Tik/Crystal Meth.)

Short story By: Heavinley Hano

What is it?
How its used?
What it does?
How you get involved?

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Cape Town South Africa seems to be overun by metamphetamine (Tik.).

Metamphetamine (Tik/Crystal meth.)

My past addiction.

A short story by Luciano Fisher.

A drug that has no discrimunation on race,age,gender,rich or poor.

Anyone can become a victim of its addiction & its power lies in the grip it has on the youth.

These young addicts are like soldiers for it, Knowing or unknowingly promoting & gaining more & more to grow dependant on it. Resulting in one hell of a drug problem to deal with.To make it more clear & I speak from personal experiance. Out of a group of ten young individuals in the western cape area ive met so far. Id say 89percent of them are users,addicts,dealers or have some experiance of metamphetamine (Tik.).

About ten percent of parenting adults. This makes it more popular than any of the drugs ive heard of in my life. Meaning quick sales & getting rich even faster. Sending off a message to the youth saying a tik dealer is the thing to be.Ultimately leading to a larger work force behind it.Spreading it further & faster than any other drug.This illuminates the law's ability to keep controle over it.

Even some of our police members fell pray to it to help them cope with late shifts.

Metamphetamine (Tik.) looks like tiny ice crystals very simular to sugar or salt.

Its colour?I've seen yellow,brown,blue and heard of even red. But mostly its transparant.

The white is known as the strongest & most popular, It is often described as white ice.

Metamphetamine (Tik.) is baught in from a short filled up straw wich price at twenty rand.

To a full gram ranging from 250-300 rand.Depending on how much you want or need to satisfy your craving.These crystals are then put into a prepared light bulb or "lollie"(Tik Tool.).

It is then heated with a flame & as it forms a liquid it gives off a white smoke.

The "lollie"or bulb is then routated from side to side to increase the amount of smoke it gives off as you inhaile. After filling your lungs with this smoke, the flame is then removed & the liquid returns to its crystal form.This prosses is then repeated untill its completely evapurated.The prepared bulb or "lollie" is mostly used to know as burning you a hit or "n skoot slat."But ive seen those who sniff or even eat it to make the effects more quick.

After you took a few hits & it passes trough your vains.

You begin to feel energized, if you were drunk you'd become sober, you feel more open & have the constant need to talk & keep busy, your game for anything.

After a while your mouth begins to dry out & you become a bit paranoid.

Seeing quick images of things that are'nt there & suspicion of innocent people of cruel intensions.

Or moments I like to call blanks.

No taughts, no movement, almoust like a computer freeze, a time out.

This is known as a "tokkie vang."

Metamphetamine (Tik.).

Some use it as a wake up, Some to make them more productive at work, A few for increased

sexual indurance, Others to feed an addiction, But mostly because everyone is doing it.

So its also used as a way to fit in.Into a sociaty your better off being without.

Metamphetamine (Tik.)

Here's my experiance.The whole truth.

"We sometimes smoked ourselfs so high that the only way to come down

was to smoke canabis/Thc (Dagga.).Thats why they call Tik an upper and

Dagga a downer."Numbers gangs rule the drug world."

So you will get ivolved or be a part of illegal activaties.

The first time i saw it i said that i would never touch that stuff.

But it became a different story when we moved to Cape Town and everyone

i knew was doing it.I mean friends,family,everyone.I avoided it at first.

But when me and my first love broke up i lost all my self esteem.

There's nothing more influanceable than a fragile heart.So i gave in and said yes.

He took out a lollie and held the lighter flame on it untill it filled with smoke.

He told me to pull on the other side and as i blew out that cloud of smoke.

I was never to be the same again.

So it began....My past addiction to Metamphetamine (Tik.).

At first it was just experementing.Doing it every now and then.Plain fooling around.

But then it got serious.We started doing it everyday.Sometimes even for days without sleep.

I remember sometimes feeling like i didnt want to do it anymore.

But then i would do nothing it would remain just a feeling.

The more people i met the deeper i got involved with Metamphetamine (Tik.).

Because the only people i met was either Dealers or users.

It was the wrong people but they made me feel like i belong.

Like i really ment something to them.So i saw them as my friends.

I was new to this place so i looked to them to show me where its fun to hang out.You know places to go.

But the only places they took me was places to go smoke.

With each place they took me the deeper i got involved.

I came in contact with the numbers and saw their involvement in the dealing game.

Then i finally realised they where all make believe friends.Using me only for my car and money.

With all that in mind and having sold all my possesions for the entertainment of friends.

Coz a real friend was all i wanted.Depressed & lonely I went solo.I wanted to smoke myself to death.

Till eventually my parents saw and took me to get help.You never know how deep you are untill you see what you've become.A drug is addictive but your company makes you an addict.

So know your real friends.Dont fall for make believe.

I have had a couple of relapses since then but it only taught me more self controle.

Now im steddy on the road of putting it behind me....

I have dealed, lend out my car, made drug drops & pic ups, sold almoust all of my possesions

& bared witness to girls selling their body's for it.

All in the name of one more pipe.

I don't regret the experiance, but i am not proud.

So i'll end this by saying:

������������������������������������������������������ Metamphetamine (Tik.) its something your better off without.


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