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this is a different interpretation of a different work

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Dear diary,

Let me begin this with an apology for not talking to you over the last six months. I had been busy lately with all those

happenings in my life. I know you would have guessed what those happenings would be lol who knows me better than

you my diary! Well this might be the first ever time you guessed it wrong! This is not about journeys I had, it's not about

the crazy things I did in the church (still cant believe that I disposed my urine there) so getting back to the story ahem ahem !

It's about a girl I met in a book stall ya I know what you are thinking! Am not the kind of guy who hooks up with girls

all of a sudden but this was one was different…….

We both went for the same book (Nicholas spark's notebook) that was the first time I ever saw her she had an "Angelic

beauty". Her hair was carelessly flowing in the wind which added to her smashing looks she was wearing a typical black

Churidar(a typical Indian dress) her eyes were made of heavenly sand. She was like a dream come around incredible. I

had never seen anything that beautiful in my whole life

"What the fuck take your dirty hands out of my book

The first words I ever heard from my so called "Angel Girl"

"oh am sorry but I think am the one took it first" needless to say I wanted that book freaking badly.

"if you are not going to take your hand of my book your mom will be sorry that she took you out of her uterus in the first place"

I was shocked to see her attitude for a second I didn't know what to say she saw the change of expression in my face and she came closer to me and whispered

"Listen you half dude you either give this book to me or else get ready to get beaten up after I shout out loud that you tried to molest me"

My face went red like the sun I gave it to her and ran away from there as fast as I could! Girls!

The whole day I was disturbed and I didn't feel like doing anything. I couldn't take her out of my mind I didn't even get a

chance to ask her name. God how pathetic she has a bad attitude that's for certain. Every moment I wasted thinking

about her, I was certain that I won't be meeting her ever again but to my surprise …

I got a friends request from the same girl I met in book stall on face book. How ridiculous isn't it?

I added her in lighting speed I was expecting her to say sorry but to my surprise she didn't. She started abusing me

again with her wicked mouth god what a "creature".

"Hey asshole remember me"

"Yea I do wicked creature" this time I was actually ready for it

"so you are not such a girl like I thought"

Needless to say that she made me a little more pissed.

"Next time you come in front of me I will show you what kind of man I am"

"Hey take it easy man I just want to apologize to you for being rude to you"

I was surprised to see the change in attitude in her. My anger melt just like the way a boiled chicken gets melted after its

placed in freezer (yea I know it's a terrible comparison but that's all I could come up with now)

"Its ok it's alright apology accepted"

Oh sweet Jesus you are such a girl! Why don't you fight with me you ass clown?"

"Holy crap I was trying to be nice to you young lady?"

!shit talk to me like a man you wreck!

"Did you just call me a wreck?? Do you even know the meaning of that word?" needless to say I was furious

Who cares what the meaning is you are a wreck W-R-E-C-K WRECK

"Oh shut the fuck up am going to delete you"

"Why did somebody stole your balls that you don't have the fire to fight with me?"

"What do you want from me young lady?"


That was the day our story began. We started chatting every single day; spend hours and hours in front of the computer

. My whole day was not complete unless I had chatted with her I found out that she was three years younger than me (no

am still not telling you my age let this be the only secret that I won't share with you).there was something special with her

something special that put a glue to my chair every time I starts talking to her. She was different from all the other girls I

ever met. We abused each other every single day fought over the tiny little things but there was something that bonded

us together either of us couldn't actually find out what that actually was! What a shame. According to her parents she was

so young to have mobile phones (yea I know sometimes parents can be freaking annoying). But she didn't hesitate to

send messages through her mother's mobile. My day starts thinking about her and ends dreaming about her. Her

mirage was following me every where I go from morning to dawn she was like a virus that penetrated into my soul. It took

me two months to realize that am unconventionally in love with her…..

Ok now it's clear that I have feelings for this "wicked women" its time to know if she feels the same way too so I decided

to ask her through facebook(yea I know what you are thinking of course I have the guts to ask her in person but what's

wrong with doing it through facebook? This age is all about internet isn't it? ) This was how it went

"Can I ask u something?"

"What is it wreck boy?"

"You really have to google it and find the meaning of that word but that's not what I want to ask you"

"What is it?"

Even though I couldn't see her I was almost certain that she was curious about what I was going to tell her..

"will you marry me" I asked(don't raise your eye brows I know it was a little over the top but I really meant it)

Nothing moved for the next two seconds and then came her reply




Well that was her reply!

Don't you dare laugh at me diary? You are suppose to be my best friend arghh I hate myself for telling this to you

Honestly speaking I was hurt to the core of my heart I had reached a certain stage in my life where I realized that I

couldn't survive without her. I tried my best diary, I tried my level best. After a certain time I realized that she would never be mine….. I tried everything to take her away from my heart .I even deleted my face book accounts to delete her from

my heart, nothing seemed working I was so into her. It was way late when I found out that there was another man in her

life. That point I was certain it was all over for me. I can never be with that girl. My fate was to walk through the seashore

with my hand tied behind my back and cheek crushed between my teeth. I saw no future in front of me may be I cannot

see the future I wished to see. I was lost in the path of life thanks to my ever loving dad I didn't turn into drinking at any

point of time. It took me some time to get into my normal state. Like you know my diary my dad is my second best friend

I told him the whole story I told him what happened he smiled at me and said

"Son let me tell you something you already know life is not full of sunshine and rainbows! It's a mean and nasty place it

doesn't matter how strong you are life is going to hit you and keep you down if you are not ready but life is not about how

much you could get hit its about how much you can get hit and still keep moving so stand up and fight my tiger because

you are the best child in the whole world"

For a second I didn't know what to do

"Father I loved her like crazy I can never look at her face again I know she is missing me like crazy right now"

"Son my dear son we have only one life and sometimes you we need to sacrifice a lot of things to paste a smile on the

ones that you love the most"

I took his advice from the core of my heart today am her best buddy making her laugh twenty four into seven even

when a volcanic irruption is taking place on my tiny little heart . Don't you shed your tears for me diary I know my dad

was right we have only one life so all we could do is to paste a smile on others lips.

Right now am starring at her smiling picture. Her beautiful smile can even make the stars stop shining and I will do

anything to keep that smile on her lips

I love her diary I freaking love her but sometimes in life. For the once you love you need to do what's right for them even sacrificing

your on happiness……………..


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