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Is it not a tragedy? (Lady of Rohan challenge)

Short story By: Jelica

I've been give the names of the characters, Fanny and Helena, place hospital and expecting a baby.
Fanny Hallow and Helena Fairfax are two sisters. when they learned that Fanny is with child she thinks about persuading her to abort for her own errands . Will Fanny abort or not? What will happen?

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Is it not a tragedy?

Fanny Hallow and Helena Fairfax sat at the waiting room minds clouded with different thoughts as they awaited for the nurse to call them to enter. Absently Fanny gazed at one dot in wall trying to calm her and to keep breathing normally until it has been said.

Helena plump woman with a face of a snake strolled up and down the corridor breathing the smell of hospital and walking death that goes through. Unlike Fanny whose mind was surrounded with numerous ideas what if this or that happens, she was slightly better at determination. She knew what she would do if the words are positive, but will Fanny accept her telling the truth or will she be angry with. She has to do it. Before it's too late, for her. The nurse, pretty woman with reddish hair picked in a pony tail exited the doctor's office. Smiling wide she twisted to the waiters.

"The doctor is ready to see you."

Helena hurried to Fanny. As one they went it. Sister shot a glance at Helena as she went on the work. The doctor gestured at the two seats opposite of him, and as they took it, he set on his most honest beam of congratulation, so if truth be told he need not bother with the saying of those words, for she knew it all to well. Helena that is.

"What's the outcome?" said Fanny anxiously staring at her medical record.

"I have here your results, and I'm happy the responsibility of informing you had befallen to me. Yes MRS, Hallow you are heavy with child."

Feeling dazzled both at the sister stared. One eyes flew open in wild disbelief, other narrowed hers. After some seconds the question that was presented shock Fanny as much as the doctor. It filled the air with silence; where only sound had been soft sound from the patients and murmuring, rushing voices.

"That's great but I have a question for you, can she call a halt?"

The doctors' eyes flew wide. Obviously not believing his own ears, he pick it to make sure he'd hear right. Surely his hearing deceive her.

"Oh, dear me, correct me if I'm mistaken but have you jut asked your sister to abort?"

"That's what I asked, isn't right Fanny?"

Fanny's cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She kept her eyes on the smooth desk surface.

"Abort? Said the doctor revolted. I've just told you you're becoming an aunt and you ask me to abort."

Helena bared the five minutes of pure rage, because doctor had so much to say to her about her enquired that it was not for the ears of a future mother, so he told Fanny to leave them two to sort thing straight. He'd told her she should not be the one to make decisions; what's more he added that only with written permission may she do the job, and that even if Fanny gives her approval he won't be the one to take a life out of her.

As Helena draw near the car she curses quietly.

Christian twerp.

On their way home, Fanny brought up the subject.

"I don't want to dispose of the baby." Fanny said.

"You have got to you're not competent of having a child. Well, your husband at least."

This had some truth to it, thought Fanny.

"Yes he does but that's not the point. Lazar is entirely skilled of being a father." she shield her husband but voice jolt with hesitation.

"Are you sure? You know he drinks a lot."

"I know, I know. But I don't want to loose it." she exclaimed.

"You can abort. There would be other opportunities, for conceiving a child.

You're a working woman. No place for such a woman in today work society." Helena explained.

"I'm having it." Fanny said firmly. And the choice is absolute."

Damn, cursed Helena in bier while she left the Fanny Street. Now she'd find the time to get all determent she must react now, but how. How to convince her sister to abort?

Like with all means plan, and this one is a really evil, this one had the result she so wanted to put it to action.

But Fanny did not call her. Angry at Helena preposition she torn all connections that held them. Did not answer her phone calls. No email. Helena tried to get in touch with Fanny.

Weeks passed by, and than suddenly a shattered voice over on the phone called her name. It was Fanny in real trouble.

"Helena, I think, Im loosing my baby. I'm loosing a lot of blood, come over. We must get to a hospital.

Helena bashes the phone, took the coat and flew out from the building, sat in car and went to Fanny. What she saw there was really horror. Blood was an over the place. Creepy stains as if a murder had happened. Fanny lay on the bed and moved hardly as blood poured out of her.

The ambulance came shortly. Fanny was out in the car and rode to the hospital, where she was put into the room.

They drugged her so she may have a sleep, but Helena saw the opportunity she must no loose.

Helena left Fanny's side and went to see a doctor. She told him that her sister wished to abort and if they can do it, she'd pay for the cost. But he doctor twirled his head.

"She already has lost it. The child's gone." he said.

That news was music to her ears. She went to Fanny bedside, told her of her misfortune and than as Fanny weeping into her shoulder a cry that would wake up half the hospital, somewhere in amid Helena said.

"Why would you want a child? You have my son."

Too depressed to argue she nodded her head.

"Perhaps I'm not that lucky to have a child of my own.

"As I said before you have Mark, he can be your son.

"Yes, he can.

So this is how it happens. Helena wanted the child dead and mother nature obliged to her request.

Over the years, Fanny tried so much to have a child but wasn't victorious

at it. She never conceives again. Helena was all too happy about it. Her son, who was at that time only a year old, became a second child to her sister. Of course the real reason why Helena put her son as her sister's son is that he would get the entire thing she ever wanted and really, Fanny took care of his education, and visited him whenever she could. So this is the reason why Helena wanted Fanny to abort.

Helena got everything that she wanted, money, and the finest thing from Norway. Now that she had no child Fanny sent and a lot of it. But isn't it a tragedy? To know you waited for a death of yours sister child for your own use. Isn't a tragedy that God or whoever is up there obliged to her aspiration?

Isn't it a tragedy that such a person lives on this world? A person who would wish your child's death and your own keen? And even greater tragedy it that Fanny admitted in the future she desired to abort before it happened.


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