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Daddy my head itches. What could it be?

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Daddy my head itches.

What could it be?

Its teeny-tiny little bugs

that are very hard to see.

What kind of teeny tiny bugs?

How did they get there?

The little bugs are called lice.

They came from someone else's hair.

It's nothing to get scared about,

but we'll need to do some things,

To rid us of these tiny pests

and keep them from spreading.

First we'll wash and comb your hair,

and sweep and clean the house.

We'll also wash your bedding,

Mr. Teddy, and Missy Mouse.

We'll do this so the lice will go

and we won't have to worry.

They'll pack their bags

and leave Hair Town in an awful hurry.

So bye-bye lice, I'd think twice

before you come back again.

'Cause if we catch you crawling around,

it'll be a fight you'll never win.


There are three basic lines of defense against head lice.

First Line = NixTM cream rinse

Wash hair with normal shampoo without conditioner and towel dry. Apply NixTM cream rinse to entire head and leave on for ten minutes. Rinse well using water or you may use a half strength vinegar and water solution to help loosen nits. Using the fine toothed comb provided in the NixTM cream rinse package thoroughly comb out hair.

Other inexpensive treatments for first line = non-fat free mayonnaise.

Apply mayonnaise to entire head. Hair must be dry. Cover hair with shower cap leaving mayonnaise in over night. This smothers the lice. Olive oil and DawnTM dishwashing liquid work in the same manner. All must be applied to dry hair.

Second Line = Prescription OvideTM

Believe it or not, there are now reports of "NixTM resistant lice." If NixTM does not work ask your doctor for a prescription of OvideTM. Once received apply to dry hair, particularly saturating the hair on back of head. Leave on eight to twelve hours. Allow to dry naturally. DO NOT BLOW DRY! Blow drying may cause hair to burst into flames. Wash out with normal shampoo. If live lice are still present in one week repeat process.

Third Line = Prescription Septra POTM

If the first and second lines of defense should fail talk to your doctor about Septra POTM.

General Defensive Measures

All combs and brushes should be rinsed in NixTM or KwellTM. All sheets, pillows, pillowcases, hats, blankets, clothes, jackets... should be run through the wash. There is also a mattress and upholstery spray available to help keep infestations under control. Head lice is spread through head to head or head to infected fabric surfaces contact. Keeping these kinds of contact to a minimum will help.

Information courtesy of: Southern Indiana Pediatrics, LLC ℅ James J. Laughlin, MD


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