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Drugged & Deterioration

By: KaeNichole

Page 1, My medical life had taking a downfall so I wrote about it.

A young soul, simply falling apart, closer to slipping away I feel. Only so much comfort and so much pain. Uncomfortability, irritability, skin deteriation, burning sensations. Nausea, body chills, fear for life , with unanswered questions. Could these be my last words, my last piece, my last smile. The lack of energy in such a upbeat person. No efforts, no strength, no more push even left behind my pen..... I'm deteriorating. Quickly desiccating. They've got me drugged on every occasion. A simple breath takes three oz. of medication. Hope is beginning to loose its location. Faith can only keep me so heart strong with small dedication. Protect me, I fear for my pulse. Completely Drugged & Deteriorating.


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