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Sacramento unexpectedness part 2

Short story By: Kathlin Korraline

Hunter is a successful young thief but his life turns around when his younger sister fallows him to a task. He gets mad at her because she might be in her danger. Not to mention his worse enemy Alec is in love with Hunter's sister Mina. What will happen read and check. Part 3 will be out after 8th January. There will be seen also Faith, James and Excalibur from part 1 plus the new characters from here.

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The blade slowly pierced the skin oh Hunter's neck. One small drop of blood made its way down his neck, making the collar of his shirt red. He knew that something like that would happen, but once he started, he just couldn't stop. The job of the thief was dangerous and hard, but he just had to do it. For the ones he loves.

Ones he got tied up in his dreams, he just couldn't get out of their grip. No matter how deeper the blade went in his neck. No matter how much blood he lost, Hunter just couldn't stop thinking about his past.

  • So, little thief, I guess this is the end. Too bad. You could have a future. Well, we all choose which path to take. And your path, is just way too shirt.

Hunter thought about all the obstacles that lead to this fate. He started stealing for survival since he was a little kid. He didn't want to do it, but he had to. Then he started doing it for fun. Now he had to take the consequences of all of it. With his head held high.

  • Why can't we stop yapping about fate, and just get down to some serious business, hun? You want to kill me. I understand that. Lots of people want to do it. But lemme tell you one thing, pop. If you kill me, my people will run after you. And they will find you. - A light smirk appeared on the boy's lips. - They will do anything to help their leader. The awesome moi.

Hunter was hoping that the stupid bluff would help him go away. For all the years he had been a thief, he had never been caught. 'Till today. And the worse, he had no people. He was solo.

  • Don't fool me around Hunter! I know you very well. And I know you have no people.
  • Dammit! Well Alec, I guess you did your homework very good. A+. I never knew you are that big fan of mine. Hey, I'll tell you one thing. Untie my arms and I'll sign you an autograph.

Hunter knew that this useless yapping would give him some time, but he was 100% sure, that it won't be long…

  • Don't be joking me little thief boy. The day I untie your arms, is the day you die. Oh, - Alec looked at his watch. He was trying to play cool in front of Hunter. He knew what kind of a smartass he is. Alec just didn't want to be left behind. He wanted to be cool as well, - the day is today.
  • Oh man, give me a break. Where you got that quotes from? You sound like a soap opera character. C'mon Alec, I'm sure you can do waaaaay better than that. Or should I start being a character too? Esmeralda, you see, I have slept with your mother. Is that good enough? - Hunter knew he was talking total nonsense, but he had no other choice. He just needed time. And then, he will be free. - By the way Alec, I really slept with your mother.
  • Wha-what?!? You filthy bastard!!!???!!! - Blinded by rage, Alec threw himself forward and hit Hunter. - Wait a minute! My mother died the way I was born. I'm three months older than you. You can't have slept with her. Or have you? You cursed my beloved mommy's dead body? How could you?
  • Seriously Alec. You're too naive. Even for…. Wait, who are you in this thingy?
  • I'm your worse enemy you dumbass!
  • Smartass, thank you very much! But are you the good guy or the bad guy?

Hunter started to get annoyed from all the nonsense he had been talking. At least Alec was too easy to distract and to be manipulated.

  • Hmmm…. Actually, I have never thought about that. But I am the good guy.
  • Eeeep!!! Wrong! It's a matter of point of view. - The rope fell down. Hunter thought it was a blessing. His wrists were on fire because of the tight grip of the rope. An evil grin appeared on his face. Now he was free. And he would make Alec pay big time. - And now Alec, in the spirit of your soap opera babbling, my time will come in 3…2…1…BANG!

Like a dark bullet Hunter flew to Alec, leaving light scratches with his knife. With Alec's knife. He remembered the day he had stolen it. The day he had won his worse enemy.

The knife was a very valuable possession in Alec's family. And Hunter's first task. It was very easy to steal it though. The security was lame. It took him an hour to break trough the security and to find and steal the knife. It was a piece of cake. But since that day, Alec tried his best to make his life a total hell. That's why he couldn't tell his family. They would be in a huge trouble.

Hunter's fast moves reached Alec very easily and pierced lightly his skin. Not enough to kill him, only to show him who is the strongest one in this game. After all, he was a thief not a killer. The wounds weren't deep but Alec's t-shirt was red. Hunter's goal was to knock him unconscious. Then he would escape.

Hunter stopped for a while to catch his breath. The evil grin, the messy hair and the thorn-up bloody clothes made him look charming. That was the real Hunter.

  • According to my calculations, just two cuts with my, ops… I mean your blade and I will be free.

The young thief boy prepared the knife once again. "Just two more cuts on the right places and I'll go home. Aunt and sis are probably making the dinner. Probably it's Mina's favorite, baked potatoes…"

Hunter felt a strong punch on his stomach. A small stream of blood came out of his mouth.

  • You were daydreaming and lost concentration hun? Well big mistake for you little thief boy.

Hunter was too shocked to react at first. Then, it was too late. Alec started punching and kicking the fallen black bullet Hunter violently without giving him an opportunity to breathe. Soon he will be dead.

Alec took his knife from Hunter's bloody hands. One strike with it right in the heart, and all his problems in the face of Hunter will be gone.

  • Now this is the end!

Alec lifted his arms with his family's knife in them. He was ready to pierce Hunter right in his heart. But just as he was about to throw his arms down, some person had flown towards him like a black bullet kicking his head. The black bullet person landed on his feet and took off his mask. It revealed a shiny waterfall of long black hair and expressive dark blue eyes. The black bullet guy was a girl.

Alec was too shocked from the sight and the kick on his head.

  • You…you are beautiful… May I know who are you?

The girl didn't answer. Instead of this, she looked at the fallen Hunter with a very worried and painful look on her face.

Hunter was mad. Mad was not strong enough. He was furious. "What the hell she is doing here? Alec might kill her! Jeez this girl…"

  • M…Mina… - Hunter's mouth was numb. He couldn't believe that she was here. "What should I say to aunt when Alec kills Mina? God!"
  • Wait you kno…
  • HUNTER!!! - Mina ran as fast as she can to Hunter and as lightly as possible took him in her arms. It hurt too much to see him that way. - Are you OK Hunter? Please say something. You can't leave us right now!

Hunter tried his best to push the black haired girl away from him. No matter how much she meant to him he was mad at her. "Who the hell she thinks she is?!? She shouldn't be here! She shouldn't hug me in front of Alec!" With a light push, the girl fell on the ground. He saw her blue eyes filling with tears. But he didn't care. He got up and said:

  • Mina, what the hell are you doing here?

The girl opened her mouth to answer his question, but Hunter cut her off.

  • No, forget it. We will talk about this later. I'm a little busy here.
  • Wait you know her? Is she your girlfriend? I hate to admit it Hunter, but you really have a good taste.

Hunter turned to Alec with an annoyed look. He was the first one to think that he and mina were dating. It was annoying. He loved Mina, but in a different way.

  • She is my sister you dumbass. Don't you see any similarities? Same hair, same skin, same eyes? God you really are stupid.

Alec was shocked. He had been thinking that Hunter is all alone. He never knew there is a mini Hunter as well. Such a beautiful mini Hunter with the gorgeous name Mina. He took few steps and went I front of Mina.

  • Sister you say hun? Do I have to ask you for permission to do this?

Alec leaned down and took Mina's face in his hands. Ever since he saw her five minutes ago, he wanted to do this. He leaned even lower and gently pressed his lips on hers.

Mina was shocked. It was her first kiss. The worse thing was that a guy she didn't know, who harmed her older brother was kissing her. Few seconds passed but the guy didn't seem to want to let go of her. She had to do only one thing. She lifted her leg lightly and kicked him right in the balls.

Alec felt a terrible pain in his private regions. He fell backwards breaking the kiss. Even though Mina kicked him in the balls it was worth it. He was sill thinking about the kiss with Mina and he didn't saw Hunter slowly coming his way.

The boy's wounds were deep and wide open. But after all he couldn't let this bastard kiss his little sister. Finally he reached Alec and punched him as hard as possible.

  • How…could you…dare to kiss…my little sister…. - Hunter was breathing very heavily. He had almost no strength left. But he had to make Alec pay. - And you? - Hunter turned to his sister. - Who the hell made you come here? You are my little sister. You shouldn't mess in my business.
  • But, Hunter I…
  • No you should go home right now. I don't want to see you at least one week. You really disappoint me Mina.

Mina couldn't believe her ears. Her brother was mad at her because she saved him. Her eyes filled with tears.
- You are not the one who should be disappointed. I should be! I came here, I saved you dumb persona and you are yelling at me! If you don't want to see me, you won't!

The young girl turned and ran away.

  • Seriously Hunter! That's not the way to act with a lady.
  • Shut up! I will deal with you later. I will never forgive you for stealing my sister's first kiss.

Hunter went out slamming the door.

  • Problems. That thief boy has some serious problems.

Mina was sitting on a swing in the old park near her house. She was lightly pushing the swing with her feet while the tears were going down her face. "Hunter was so rude with me. I wanted to save and help him. That's why I have been following him all those years. "

  • I wish Hunter was here so I could explain him everything…
  • Well I will be glad to hear why you had followed me and why you put yourself in a danger.
  • Hunter look I had been following you every day for all those years it's true. But I never wanted to embarrass you or anything like that. I just thought…
  • No! - Hunter cut her off. - You were not thinking at all. You had been following me every day for the mast 7 years? Where was your mind? Are you trying to be like me? Well quit trying. You will be in a huge trouble.

More and more tears started coming down Mina's cheeks. Hunter felt very bad.

  • Sis, I'm trying to protect you. That's why I'm so harsh with you. I hate to see you like this.

He leaned down and placed his hand on Mina's shoulder. He never hated her. He just wanted her to be safe.

  • You said you don't want to see me at least one week. Well make them two.

Mina pushed her brother's hand away from her shoulder. She was very upset. She just wanted to help him. Was that too much? She stood up from the swing and ran away crying.

Hunter sat on the swing. Now it was his turn to be emo looking like.

  • Jeez… I apologized to her, what else she wants? I know why she did it. I guess I'm just too overprotective when it comes to my sister. I can't help it. Maybe 'cuz I'm older. I should better go home now. Aunt will be worried. Especially when she sees the crying Mina.

The boy started walking the short way from the park to their house. Since their parents died when Mina was 3 years old, they moved to live with his mother's sister. They were very poor so Hunter had to steal so that Mina won't be starving. Later he started stealing for fun or tasks from a rich mans. Their aunt found a job so they were very wealthy.

He remembered all the times he had to leave Mina alone on the playground to steal money for their dinner. Now, he left her alone again. "I shouldn't have been that harsh to her. Well what's done is done. When the two weeks pass, I'll have my sister back. We had fights before."

  • Aunt? Mina? I'm home.
  • Hunter! Where have you been?
  • Out with some friends. Long story. - Hunter knew that this lie is old. But he just couldn't tell to his aunt that he has no friends at all. Only enemies. From which he stole the most valuable thing. Oh yeah and that cockroach Alec. - Is the dinner ready?
  • No the potatoes are still baking. Go and see what's going on with your sister and come down. It's your turn to lay down the table.

Hunter smiled lightly. Mina and her baked potatoes. She loved them since she was very little. He hated them. He preferred mean with rise but he insisted to have every Friday baked potatoes because of his sister.

The boy went upstairs to see how Mina is feeling right now. Those stairs brought back thousands of memories to him. And in each of them he was seeing his sister's face.

Finally, he reached Mina's room and knocked lightly.

  • Mina? C-can I come in? - Hunter felt weird. He had never asked for permission to enter Mina's room. But now he felt bound to do it.
  • Mina is not available at the moment please leave a message after the signal beep…
  • Ok sis, listen. I didn't want to be harsh with you. I just don't want you to mess in those kind of dangerous things. And besides…
  • Beep your time is over. - One small black haired head peeped out of the door. - Get out. - The girl slammed the door right in front her brother's face.
  • But I wasn't even in. Oh well. I guess I should leave you. By the way, the dinner will be ready very soon. We well have baked potatoes…

Mina's head peeped out the door again. Hunter knew that she will show up when she hears about the baked potatoes.

  • Tell aunt that I'll eat in my room.
  • Way to go Alec…I stole your family's knife. Then you got in back. But thanks to you I lost my sister. Don't worry I will find you and make you pay.

The days were passing by very slowly and lonely. Hunter didn't have any tasks so he was helping his aunt with some chores or playing video games in his room. Sometimes at night, he could hear Mina's cry.

One week passed. Mina started talking to him a little. Hunter was really happy. "Soon I'll have my sister back!"

* * *

Mina was sitting in her room reading as usual. She loved reading. Especially those fantasy books. She was really into the story, when a rock came from the street breaking her window.

  • What the…? Ah! There is a note on the rock. "Since I saw you, I never stopped thinking about you. Love, Alec" Alec? The dude who tried to kill Hunter? If I ignore him, he will probably stop.

Another three days passed by. Mina continued having rock messages from Alec. One for "good morning" and one for "good night".

  • I know I still have four more days to pretend I'm mad at Hunter, but this got out of control. Alec didn't give up. I should tell Hunter. He will know what to do.

The girl got out of her room and went in her brother's. She knew she was always welcomed there.

  • Hunter I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being a careless bitch. I just wanted to help you.
  • It's OK sis, it's Ok. I understand. You wanted to help me.
  • But I'm not here only to apologize though. You see I have a problem and I need your help Hunter. That guy Alec, the bastard who stole my first kiss was sending me rock messages and I don't know what to do. Can you please help me?
  • Yeah I will get in a fight with him for you sis. I don't like him at all and I still have an unfinished business with him.
  • Yay!!! Thanks Hunter! You are the best brother ever! - Mina leaned down and hugged her brother tightly. She really missed that feeling.
  • Hahaha OK OK, enough emotional stuffs for today, goofy.

Mina smiled and rushed to her room. She already had a plan hatching in her head. She took a paper and a pen. She knew that he will be there. After all, he is always there.


  • Mina, where are we going? I don't really like THOSE kind of surprise you know?
  • Yeah, yeah, I know. But you said you have some unfinished business so…. I just wanted you to finish it sooner.
  • WHAT DID YOU DO? I will face Alec?
  • Erm…you can say that…
  • Mina, I have no idea to punish you or to thank you.
  • Ok ok hurry up and go in there. Alec is there and please bro, kill that bastard for me.
  • Heh, you bet I will.

Hunter took few deep breaths and made his way to the building's entrance. Alec was standing right in the middle with roses in his hands. When he saw Hunter, he was too shocked to reply and also the fast thief boy didn't give him a chance to do so. He was piercing him screaming all the reasons he has too kill him. After a while Alec was dead. Hunter lighted a wood with his lighter and left the building fast.

  • That was for my sister.
  • Wow bro! You did it! - Hunter felt a small light body pressing on his. He cuddled Mina in his arms.
  • Yes, goofy, I did it. But your plan was very good as well. And how you kicked him in the balls when you two met. Epic!
  • Aye bro! Now let's reward ourselves with some "After 8"


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