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A Letter To My Love

Short story By: LizLew

Jimmy, I'm sorry and I love you.
This is a letter to those who truly love someone the way I love him. Don't use the wod love withot fully understanding its meaning.

Submitted:Dec 5, 2011    Reads: 105    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

A Letter To My Love. My Love, I can't imagine my life without you. I know it existed, but I'm not sure how. There was nothing but pain, I know that much; Pain, loneliness and depression. That was all I knew. That was my life.
But when you came into my life, you changed all of that. You took the broken pieces of my heart and sewed them together. You picked me up out of the hole in which I had fallen. You gave me a candle in the blackness and guided me back to my Haven.
My heart beats erratically when you're online, and it aches when you're not. There is always a little crack in it that can only be healed by your presence and no amount of thinking about you or glue can put it right. It's the part of me that needs the real thing and not just images that I can create. I've never loved anyone the way I love you, and I can never move on without you. You are my life, my world, my everything, the very breath in my lungs, the very fibres that make this body, the very blood that runs through my veins. I was born to be in love with you, and I will die only when you do. There is no other reason for my existence if it isn't please you. I've changed so much since being with you, being able to tell you I love you, although I can never express the amount of which it is so. I have finally felt true happiness, true content and true love.
I'll admit that I thought I love another before, but so did you.
I am happy to say that it wasn't real. It was false.
But this? This is something entirely different. My body earns for you, my mind wanders to you constantly, my heart calls for you, hoping you hear it's cries for your comfort, your words, you very being. I whisper your name and chills are sent down my spine. My heart picks up speed. My lips taste slightly sweeter and everything is so much more beautiful, and in just that single second, I feel as though I could do anything. You make me feel unstoppable, unbreakable…
Invincible. That's the word. Invincible. Like nothing, not Death, not Lucifer and not God himself can stop me from loving you. You could kill me a hundred times over and no change would ever be made except the amount. That will always alter. That will always grow. I love to love you, and I love for that love to grow. If I could measure the amount, then I surely would but it would be ever growing and it is already far beyond any type of measurement possible. It has no boundaries, nor will there ever be.
Everything about you is simply beautiful and perfect. Your words are sweeter than the finest sugar and more addictive than any drug. Your actions speak so loud that it's deafening, and yet I would turn up the volume if such an act were possible. I love everything about you, right down to your unseen appearance. Your deep, mystical eyes that I'll be sure to drown in, your jet-black hair that frames your perfectly sculpted face, your pale skin that is covered in scars, the scent of you of which I have not yelled smelt…I love it all. I guess there is nothing left to say, except that I'm hopelessly, unconditionally and forever will be in love you. My love is so complete and gigantic in size that it will last forever. The fairytale of Romeo and Juliet will be less known than the love I have for you, my dark prince. Disney will make a movie of us and play it on the screen, A Little Piece of Heaven on Broadway will be just the beginning…our tale is yet to be decided but I know one thing.
Forever and always, I will be in love with you.
I'm sorry for all the times that I've fucked up and hurt you, I'm sorry for all the times that you have to put up with my bad moods, but know that I love you so much, and I can never, ever repay you for everything you've done for me. I will be in your debt for as long as I live, and most likely beyond that. I'm so sorry for the way I've acted lately, but don't take it personally, don't think it was just for you. I have not been in control of anything lately, and I need you to know that I love you so much, and I will forever.
I'm not perfect. I make mistakes, and I'm pretty crazy. But I'm perfectly capable of loving you completely, and no one could ever love you as much as I do. No one will worry about you as much as I, and no one is ever aloud to try. You are the reason I breathe and the reason I'm alive. There is a difference.
You make me crazy for you. I want, need and love you in every way, so please believe me when I tell you so.
And so my darling, with this letter to you, I will wait until you are ready to forgive me for my mistakes. I've hurt you, which is a fact that I hate to live with, but I will have to. It scars my soul and my mind forever, but it is not enough to stop me loving you. Nothing can ever and will never be able to do that. I swear it with every bone in every animals being. With this, A Letter To My Love, I will think about you all day, hoping you forgive me for my mistakes, begging that you are okay, and if I sleep at night, I know I will dream of you. If not, I will simply day dream of you. Sincerely, The One Unworthy Of Your Priceless love.


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