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The Mistake I Made That Summer

By: Mely

Page 1, My big mistake .


I was in shock when I saw him come near me . I think he knew I was looking at him behind a pole . Well , he came closer and closer with a paint gun . At first I thought he was going to shoot me , but it was only paint . I can feel that I was blushing , I was so scared . It was a boy I really liked , but he was older than me.
Like by four years . I didn’t really care .
As soon as he came up to me , I felt my heart pound . I was only nine , I know young . He started to talk to  me in English , so I talked back knowing that none of my cousins would understand . He asked me where I lived and if I was born in New York . I responded to all of his questions . Then he left as I ran away from him . I was very shy.  I ran into my godmother’s house and sat in her couch . I felt something in side of me , I didn’t know what it was . My godmother came inside the house and asked “ Why where you talking to him ? “ , I just looked down . 
One year past and I was back to the same place I went for summer vacation . Now I’m ten , and I feel what love is . When I arrived at my grandma’s house , everyone greeted me . There was this one boy that was starring at me , and I knew that he liked me every since I came here . I felt bad because I didn’t like him back . It was night time when we arrived , so I ate something , brushed my teeth and went to sleep . The next day my cousins and I went to the store that was close to my grandma’s house . Then I saw the boy that I had met last year . I starred at him as he did it back to me . I wondered if he recognized me . My cousins bought what they needed to buy , then we went back home . I smiled as I walked up to my grandma’s house . I hoped he would like me , but he was still to old for me . 
Hours later my three cousins came back from there grandma’s house , I told them everything . They just laughed , I knew it wasn’t funny . Then my little cousin wanted to go back to the store , so we went . This time the boy had asked me out . I was so happy I said yes . When my little cousin was finished , I went running to the hill that was in front of my grandparents house . My two older cousins talked all day about my new boyfriend . But what I was afraid about was that my parents didn’t know that I had a boyfriend . Good thing no one told them , or I was dead fish . 
Weeks past and the days where getting interesting . I had kissed him twice , but I had kissed another boy too . I was in much trouble because my boyfriend knew. He said it was ok , and then I realized something . I wasn’t really in love with him at all . He became a pervert and I hated him . I realized many things , I couldn’t believe it either . I was done with him the next day .
Two years had past and now I’m twelve , I had been talking with him in the internet too . He told me that he wanted to get back with me , but I said that he will cheat on his girlfriend . He is a true pervert . Now that I am that certain age , I can realize many things about boys and how they can treat you in the future. I also knew that I needed to wait until I was eighteen and that I had made a big mistake .  

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