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Short story By: MichaelS76

I wrote this rant or short story about today's youth and modern man and how we have become our own worse nightmare. How our belief system is corrupt as is our society as a whole. Whether man can save himself is unknown, but at our current pace and philosophy we have little time left on this precious Earth. I discuss some aspects and leave it up to you to either change or just be another sheep in the herd.

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I'm angry at the world. I hate everything and everyone in it including myself. The water is foul, the air stinks, people stink, this whole planet is being stripped bare like a deed deer and no one cares. I now know exactly what Gollum saw when he looked into the water and saw his own reflection; he saw hell, rot, deceit, filth, Gollum, Gollum. I cannot save the planet, or you so try saving yourself for a change, oh what's that you're hungry. Let's get you some food stamps, oh you don't want to work, let's get you some SSI or SSD because you're too depressed to work. Who isn't too depressed these days? What's that, you are pregnant and don't want to work, give that women some welfare, give her some Wic or better yet, make her have an abortion with a coat hanger by a blind elderly man with advanced Parkinson's, then maybe next time she will have a planned pregnancy or insist on protection, oh that's right that means taking responsibility for your actions and thinking, that, you are taught not to do that anymore. Life's as a female dog, and learning can sometimes be painful. I am tired of liars, back stabbers, gossipers, two faced people who talk so sweetly to your face and welcome you into their homes, while the entire time they hate you and wish you had never even shown up. I am tired of fake people who are nothing more than boot lickers or sycophants for you stupid individuals who don't know what a sycophant is. I am tired of preachers and evangelist who by some miracle are all anointed talking about sowing seed and reaping the harvest while flying in their privately owned Golf stream jets, wearing five thousand dollar suits, solid gold cufflinks, huge gold bracelets and Rolexes while living in multimillion dollar homes, let them all dangle about like squirming worms on a fishing hook suspended by the neck with piano wire as I await the coming nukes. I'll send them some seed, one good deposit into a mason jar and then they will have 200 million seed, will I reap a harvest, most likely not, but I'll feel just as good doing it. If you're stupid enough to sow, then you're deserving of reaping the results of an empty checking account. My great-grandmother sewed a seed of $150.00 every month of the miserable last 10 years of her life, trying like the rest of the elderly to buy her way into heaven, and all she reaped was a painful suffocating death by lung cancer. Those liars, Golum, Golum, let them all die while handling each other, while eating each other's by products. I am shedding my skin, I am molting, morphing, changing; I am shedding the filth that has been spread upon my tormented body and soul, this filth that we now call humanity. Not one person in this world cares one bit about me or each other down to the lowest mayor up to the President himself. They all have a personal agenda, and that is to see that they prosper while we pay. I hate this life, this existence this stench that we have made for ourselves; I wish the earth would implode into the huge black hole that it now is, for we made it that way. From childhood it sucks you in, and strips you of everything you have, takes away your dreams and hopes one atom at a time. I hope mankind annihilates himself soon, for the sooner the better because we are a cannibalizing species that spreads both like a bacteria and a virus. We eat away at everything we touch while replenishing nothing and like a virus we serve no purpose to the Earth or to the Cosmos. We burn oil and coal like the atmosphere is infinitely large and the amount of oil and coal infinitely plentiful, but it's just as depleted as our sense of direction that our society as a whole has taken. We have taken the other road, the wrong path, the path to destruction. It took 200 million years to wipe out the dinosaurs but man is going to do it in a few measly centuries. Why die a slow painful death that million's do each year because we are so stupid and selfish that we forbid the suffering to end their own lives with dignity, not based on their beliefs, but other's beliefs. We outlaw self-euthanasia, when did the Constitution of the United States ever say I had to suffer before dying. It was the Declaration of Independence our supreme moral law of the land that said we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, does that not include dying with dignity or dying with happiness. We allowed our rights to be taken away, so don't cry about it now, your great grandfather and grandfather let us down and we are continuing in their footsteps. Since when did someone else's belief system overcome mine, oh yes, the day I was born in to this pathetic society. The notion that I ever had my own belief system that I could actually incorporate into my life is a joke, it's a dream, and it's not real. The United States of America was once a proud nation that any young man or woman would die for their country and the Constitution as I would. I took the oath as an enlisted Army soldier, I am duty bound to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic until the day I die and I will, but today's youth are weak, bear no allegiance to the great Constitution, . Most don't even know what the Constitution let alone the Declaration of Independence stand for or why they were written. The youth we have raised today are weak minded, sick, fat, lazy, pathetic, principle lacking sacks of fat and water glued to their cell phones and iPod's and apps and devices, they no longer call their Mother or Father who created them or grandma and grandpa who is lying in bed slowly and painfully dying, no they would rather text Joe A Blow, the youth of this nation, the youth of the Earth reeks of rot, stupidity, death and apathy and a complete lack of morality. No young person goes and visits their relative's graves; they may show up to the funeral if their Mother makes them, it's sick, absolutely sick. We bread sickness and filth, we bread insolence and lackadaisical, apathetic little brats who are told and who actually believe that they are special, that they are unique, it's all me, me, me , I, I, I. Tell them the truth, they are no one special, they are not unique, they are like the rest of the seven plus billion other little pukes that are birthed out onto this miserable world and live out a miserable existence and the only way to be special is to become special by hard work and studying and be bound by the principles laid down by our forefathers in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I left out the Bible and prayer you say, have you actually read what's in the Bible, the Old and New Testament, let me give you a few verses you won't hear in church then tell me to pray. And for those who say the Old Testament is to be forgotten, scripture says it is not to be forgotten; the Old and New Testament are not two separate Bibles, but one Bible, just two volumes. And you cannot understand parts of the New Testament without first reading the Old Testament. Now some good Old Testament teachings, Exodus 21:1-11 where God speaks of selling your own daughter as a, well you read the rest. Child abuse is demonstrated in Judges 11:29-40 and Isaiah 13:16 and bashing babies against rocks in Hosea 13:16 and Psalms 137:9. Jesus also promoted the idea that all men should castrate themselves to go to Heaven in Matthew 19:12. Here are more examples, some quite laughable examples of the Bible and its supposed 'WORD OF GOD' as written in the Old Testament. You won't hear your pastor asking you to read Deuteronomy 23:1 ESV. Speaking of church, have you noticed the new buzz words are 'seed and harvest'? I have been hearing that or the past 4 years now. Each year I hear the same message, "Oh yes brother, this year is the year of the harvest, sow your seed now, even if you have no money, borrow it, put it on your credit card, don't think, just do it now, run do it, call now" the preacher said, he actually said DON'T THINK, and goes on to say because if you do you might change your mind. Why of course you would, you would come to your senses after his trance has let go of your pathetic weak brainwashed mind. He goes on to say go now to your phone and sow your seed. I am not talking about a preacher who unknown to most but a well-known preacher who is broadcasted around the world and fly's around in a paid for in cash, brand new Gulf Stream jet. That he told his viewers God said the people needed to pay for. Well, I think that what they really should receive is what the Bible refers to as seed. Seed in biblical times had nothing to do with crops or a way to induce a harvest of cash. So I say send them some true seed and see if you do in fact get your harvest, at least you will feel better doing it then sending cash and maybe, just maybe they will move on and think of a new buzz word to rake in ridiculous amounts of cash. Here are a few more ridiculous verses from the Bible that you will not hear in church on Sunday or any day for that matter. Samuel 18:25-27 ESV: Then Saul said, "Thus shall you say to David, 'The king desires no bride-price except a hundred foreskins of the Philistines, that he may be avenged of the king's enemies.'" Ezekiel 16:17 NIV: You also took the fine jewelry I gave you, the jewelry made of my gold and silver, and you made for yourself, sorry you read the rest. Now one of my all-time personal favorite passages from the Old Testament which sums up the whole "Bible" in one verse, Ezekiel 23:19-20 Sorry, it's too graphic and way too taboo these days to discuss and not get rejected, so ask your preacher or pastor to read it out loud during church next Sunday, please just do it. Then ask your pastor at church to explain it in detail and the other passages I have mentioned. There is a passage from the Bible that I will pray for although I don't believe in the Bible, according to the Old Testament we are to stone our children for disobedience, Deuteronomy 21:18-21. Now that I have been completely candid about mankind, our youth and our belief system which includes the Bible, what's left, God? Yes I do believe in God and it's time we all go to him and leave this wretched world we have created. The time is now, it has come, bring on the nukes, push the buttons, turn the keys, let's all go outside for a change instead of staying indoors 24 hours a day, for once in our pitiful lives lift our heads high and endure the searing burning heat of the nuclear annihilation as we all go down in a blaze of glory instead of dying this slow pathetic existence we have made for ourselves we now call LIFE. Let us die with dignity for a change instead of being forced to die a slow death in a hospital bed, since we cannot live in peace, at least let us die In peace. I am not the only one who has said those exact words, since I am educated in a broad array of subject matter and have a near photographic memory; Jim Jones said almost the exact same thing before the forced extermination of Jones town, the Peoples Temple. Maybe he had a better understanding of the world then we give him credit for, but he was as corrupt as the most corrupt preacher or swindler and a drug addict just the same. Why, because he was greedy, sick, pathetic, weak, praying on the weak themselves, manipulative, and in other words human. It's no wonder 3 out of 5 adults these days are on antidepressants or 'nerve' pills. He too had to tune out, because if you are tuned in these days you will go MAD. Gollum, Gollum…

For all the hatters, yet devote believers I give you scripture.

Matthew 7:1, King James Version; "Judge not, that ye be not judged"

Luke 6:37, King James Version; "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven".


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