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Unexpected Visitor (Death Holy challenge)

Short story By: mommy3

This is based on true events of what happened on Halloween night with me and my husband. This is about the supernatural.This was just for a fun challenge for Death Holy.:)

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Seven years ago on Halloween night me and my husband had some real freaky shit happen to us. At the time I was 6 months pregnant with my son. I remember it like it happened yesterday and still have a hard time talking about it. Well my husband and his friend decided to go to bachelor's grove graveyard they were just looking at tombstones. Never in my entire life would I go to a graveyard especially in the nighttime. Well anyways my husband and his friend like to go to places that are supposed to be haunted they like supernatural things and get a thrill out of doing it. They were both walking around for awhile until my husband sensed a presence behind him this of course freaked the shit out of him. He decided that they should go home and he also wanted to check on me how I was doing. While he was driving back home he smelled this awful smell like something just died. When he came home I told him that I wanted pickles and chocolate peanut butter ice cream to eat. I know this sounds real gross but at the time this is what I craved and loved eating. While we both went into the car to go to the store I smelled something at first I thought we ran over a skunk or something. We both realized that this smell was not a skunk I mean it smelled like rotten decaying flesh. So once we arrived my husband looked under the car to see if we did run over something and there was nothing there. While we were in Walgreen's store my husband kept turning around many times. I asked him "What is wrong?" He said "Nothing don't worry about." I did not believe him and kept asking him to tell me what is wrong. He said "I don't know but I feel like someone is behind me like a presence. " I told him okay let's get the food and just go home. Once we went back in the car that same smell was there and it was getting worse. I told my husband I am getting tired I am going to lie down. He said "I will be up watching TV let me know if you need anything. " While he was watching the TV he heard something. He heard our toaster go off and the microwave. At first he thought it was me going in the kitchen to eat a late night snack. You tend to do these things when you are pregnant. He went into the kitchen and no one was there. He thought boy I must be getting tired if I am imagining things. He went to sit on the couch and watch more TV but then nodded off again and a noise woke him up again. This time it was the toilet flushing he definitely thought I was just going to the bathroom. He went to get up and check when he noticed the whole room was pitch black like a black hole. Which was weird since it was daylight out of the next day. He shook his head and decided to go lie down so he could stop seeing things. That is when shit really happened. He started dreaming of me him and our unborn son playing at the park. All of a sudden there was a person that looked almost exactly like me. Except this thing was not human at all from the way it looked. The face was skinny, hollow eyes, a grin that was stretched so far back that it was not human, longer hair and skinnier body. As soon as my husband saw this he woke up from his dream. He got up to get a drink of water since the dream scared the shit out of him. He went to lie down again and eventually went back to sleep. He had the dream again and saw this thing again. Except when he woke up he saw this thing laying in our bed right next to me. I woke up when I heard labored breathing and shaking of my husband's body. Once I saw this I freaked out thinking he was having a seizure. I tried talking to him but it was like he was in shock and could not talk. I could tell something was wrong but did not know what. I got up from our bed getting ready to call 911 but as soon as I went to get up him grabbed me and held me like he was scared. I asked him what was wrong and he kept shaking so I just held him till he calmed down to talk to me. He eventually was able to speak and told me what happened. At first I did not believe him and thought he was trying to play a joke on me. I had to go to the bathroom and I turned on the light to go that is when I saw a handprint on my arm. I freaked out and told him to come in here. He came into the bathroom to find out what is wrong. As soon as I showed him my arm he had a shocked expression on his face. I asked "Why do I have a handprint on my arm" He said "When I saw this thing in my dream I reached out to grab it and confront this thing." I must have grabbed your arm in the process of this happening. As soon as he told me this I believed him on what he was telling. In the nighttime he had to leave to go to work. That is when this thing decided to play around with me and freak me out. Let me tell when you are pregnant you do not want to be going through these kind of things. I was watching TV and I heard the microwave go ding when it is done. I know that there was no one there except me so this really scared me. I decided to turn on the kitchen light to leave it on to keep me from getting more scared. As soon as I was about to sit down I heard another noise. This noise was the like silverware was being rattled around in the drawer and silverware dropping on the floor. This is when I decided to grab the phone and call my husband to let him know what is going on. I also thought it was a good idea to stay in our bedroom and lock the door. I thought if this thing is not human and evil I have some crosses and a crucifix on the wall maybe it will not try to come in here. Well was I wrong. As soon as this thing found out it could scare me it messed with me more. I started lying down to go to bed and I heard another noise. The noise was a loud bang on the door like someone was trying to get in the room. This thing started really pounding on the door and I heard an evil laugh. This laugh was so evil I had goose bumps everywhere. I decided to get up and turn on the light to keep a nightlight on I was so scared I did not leave that room. The next day in the morning I woke up and saw the crucifix upside down which I then started screaming. I was still screaming and crying when my husband came home. I told him what happened and he became pissed he tried egging this thing on. I told him I do not think that is a good idea maybe we should call someone. He said "Okay I will have my brother come over and try to get rid of this thing." He called his brother and told him everything what happened. His brother said "I will be coming over right now." His brother came over and walked in our apartment and sensed an evil presence. He then had to bless the house and bless us to get rid of this evil thing. He also said "this evil presence is most likely a doppelganger." He also said that this doppelganger was getting stronger since I was scared and it feeds off on scaring people. He then told us if we ever had any problems or events to call him right away. That day in the night there were no more noises or any rotten smells. As far as I am concerned I told my husband I do not want him ever to go to any supposed haunted places again. I never ever in my entire life have to experience that again. So now after many years we have never had any more incidents with the doppelganger but we did see some ghosts.

The End


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