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My life story. A whole three paragraph story.

Short story By: Salina Marie Burks

I am submitting a story about my life.

Submitted:Sep 9, 2008    Reads: 15,954    Comments: 49    Likes: 7   

This is my story. A story that's not meant for kids. Honestly, it's a story of pain. A life lesson on paper. It contains cutting, betrayal, Hatred, and alot of other things. It's a disturbing story about my life. So this is your warning. If your looking for a story full of love and respect and a happy ever after, this isn't the story you want. You should probably read something more like a series of unfortunate events. This isn't a joke. It's not fiction and it isn't a story that you would want to happen to you. I'm sorry if you were looking for something a little more happy.
It all started about seven years ago. When I lay on a bed and my dads best friend came in and stripped himself of his pants. I don't really know if he touched me or anything. All I know is he was naked when I saw next. That was the first time I ever realized that he wasn't that good a friend. I went on for three years without telling anyone about that night. But then one day I just burst out. I told my my dad about how his best friend had stripped down right in front of me. I told him about how frank had ran his private down my back. I told him how scarred I had been. I told him everything. I finally had a feeling of reliefe in me. After three years I had told someone about that horrible night.
In the next year I lost one of the most important things in my life. They were like family. And all of a sudden they were all gone. I am now to the point that I realize they'd done us wrong. But at the time I didn't understand why my dad was taking everything away from me. I grew to be angry with him.
Then the anger was gone. Replaced by agony. My grandfather, grandmother, and great grandmother were living with us now and my grandpa had begun to molest me. He would touch me in inappropriate ways and try to make me kiss him. After about three months of this I told my grandma. She called the police on him almost immidiately. The next few months were hell on me. I began to cut myself. My friends noticed a major change in my behavior and clothes. I pulled away from everyone and tried to kill myself more than once. I even told myself that they didn't want me to be alive. I hated the way everything. If it so much as touched me it was disgusting. My friend Callie Brown wouldn't even talk to me. She told me that I wasn't who she thought I was. She said how I looked was rediculas. I grew to beleive her and everyone else. I carved the word ugly into my skin and wouldn't look people directly in the eyes. I became anti-social and began to do stuff like smoking and eating pills like they were candy.
Then just last summer all the problems increased. I cut myself enough that they threatened to put me in lakeland regional hospital. They took me to hospitals on a regaular basis. They couldn't understand why I was so depressed. I couldn't quite understand it myself. I just knew I didn't want all the pain. I grew sick of living with it. I tried to cut it out. I didn't want the pain so why not remove it.
I went to the seventh grade unsure of life. My grades began to drop and I just didn't want anyone to tell me that I was doing wrong. I couldn't stand them. I got into fights and stuff. The end of the year came around and my grades were still to low. I had fallen in love with a boy named ronnie. My only delema was he hated me. But that didn't stop me. Well me and ronnie are currently dating. I haven't cut in a while. However I am reporting the fourth molester to choose me as their victim. I have grown unable to be around guys except my dad and ronnie. I love both. This is my ending. For now that is.


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