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this was a dream i had ova a year ago .... i dont know if i will finish it or not cant tell .....
ryt now just give me your feed bak ???/

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it was getting late and i was much to hot, so i took off my scarf that my nan gave me and put it in my bag. i thought to myself it will be quicker if i cut down this alleyway, as i was already past my curfew. as i crept into this dark lane it started to warm up, either it was me getting a fever or in confined spaces the air stays hotter for a while. i decided there is no one around i shall take my cardigan off, well i can tell you my blue silk frilly dress stands out in this place. this street shouldnt be that long, should it?. what was that, some ones following me. "who's there, im not afraid of you" ok now i really wish i just took the long way home.
"hello sweetie" oh god whats happing "who are you, what do you want ?" where is he who is he."oh im right here baby, and i want you of course" what huh. i
swirled around and around untill i spotted him, he was , what is he? "im a python, i thought you would have recognied me im in you science class" w.w.w...huuh, im confused, how could a snake get out of a locked cage at school, thats in the other town. and your well sorta humman i think. "cause im not a snake.... duh havnt you ever heard of a SPYthon, you humans think its a myth but it actually true accept most mortal misinterpret the word spy." wait how could he have known that i was just thinking that i think.. "of course you were darling". ....this is getting weird ..am i dreaming? i must be dreaming, he just so so wierd but extremly, well he is definaly a fairytale creature, with exceptional abilitys, like half snake, half boy, his face is just soo different so unique , so appealing i want to touch but i can't, its not possible, he cant be real.
"oh im real baby, and it's not that wierd. and besides if you were dreaming you probably could not come up with a better guy standing right here with you talking to you "."oh god this can't be happining what do you want to do with me? i need to leave im gunna be late." ive got to go, my parents always said to never talk to strangers. "nuh uh your not going anywhere, why welll im destined to be with you, that's why". i feel sick wheres a chair when you need one i want to be in bed im ... "i dont feel right" ..... "ohhh i guess its happening" what what "whats happening". i was heating up to fast i must have a fever, wheres a chair i need to sit down.
"here is one just get comfortable dont tence it will be over in a few minutes and i will take you home to rest, please survive" what is he talking about? i sat down and it really was quite comfy chair, but what,........... arrrgh fudge..................... pain riped throung my body soo fast i dont know where it hit first, whats happening to me ? "i injected my venom into you through your neck obviously, in a couple of weeks you will give birth to my child" wait did he say birth his child, im almost 16, i cant get pregnant, not now, what will people think, my head hurts arggh i need ....... my .. bed ... "ilove you honey, we will be together forever, now go to sleep my sweetie, we have got plenty of time to talk.

BLACK OUT zzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzzz.......zzzzzzz..zz...zzzz

the following day

my foot hurts i must have jarred it last night.. what did i do last night, all i remember is those words that were spoken 'i love you honey, we will be together forever'.... who said that i just cant put my finger on who said it, although i can't remember what i did last night, but my ankle it hurts my left ankle fuNking hurts, i need to go to the docters i call them first thing this morning when the surgery opens. while i wait i think i will do some laundry since well, since, im the only one living in the house for the month while my parents and siblings happened to have gone to hawaii without me which is soo not fair, if you ask me. there is so much space in my head, i wonder why that is? "im just like you, your just like me, there somewhere else we 'd rather be" .... uh was that just me "no it was me"....... who said that ...."who said that ....."....."im your conceince talking dude are you seriously thinking that this is the first time we met, we actually met yesterday, at exactly 11:33pm, how do you not know me"..... hello whats happining to me... im going skitz now, "I AM NOT A MENTAL DISORDER THANKYOU, i am your conceince, as in the voice inside your head that helps make decisions for you.".... "I dont want a voice inside my head dont you get that leave me alone, i just wanna be me please"....."as much as i would love to go i have one priorty to up hold ....that is to keep you alive while you are pregnant and while you give birth after that i will gladly leave....well as soon as my master tells me my jobs finished," .."wait did you say i was pregnant, how why its impossible i didnt even have sex so that cant be right..."..."have you ever noticed how sore yours leftside of your body is......latly"......"umm today my left ankle it swollen i think i jarred it last night while i was partying, what is me havin a sore ankle to do with me supposedly being pregnant"... " everything don't you get it you were bitten by a spython and he now owns you and he injected his venow into you and the venom only like the leftside of people because its warmer , and then the venom will spread to you eggs and fertilse the eggs so that a baby spython is born" ..... um this is silly....." how is a so called spython get out of me hypothetically"... "welll hypothetically it will break it self out "....how on earth..."easily it will rip itself out of your left ankle...."....will it hurt please say No....."yes in some ways then others.".... "what do you mean"...... i mean while giving birth its like plucking a really long,long and fat peice of hair out from your eyebrow"...but................"but after the baby spython comes out and cleans itself it will give the mother a special gift depending on her age......"......what gift..... "that i absoultly can not tell, my masters has forbid me to say nothing of it".... "and may i ask why that is".... "he will talk later right now i have urgent business to attend to, will you excuse me"...... where are you going dont leave me i still have questions. .......................................................
................ humpf hes gone now wat will i do?

three weeks later the day of the birth

GRRRRRRUMBLE .... ohh i must be hungry, but i have nothing in the cupboards, well i do have $5.00 i will go and get a snack box with popcorn chicken.
geez there are so many cars on the street how am i ever gunna get onto the highway to go to the round-a-about and do a u-turn and come down the the same street i came up and turn left into KFC...... woah im here already how on earth did i get her maybe it was that little rant, im very rarely lucky but oh well, ....... this place looks unusually clean today, i wonder why, maybe a health inspector is comming to visit.
"welcome to KFC, im adam, are you right to place an order?", ... "umm yeah can i have a snack box with popcorn chicken, and small potatoe and gravy, thanks", ... nice manners love, is that all today,"... "uh yeah".... weird sounds like a ...."ill see you later, sweet pea"........"what did you call me?"...."you should take that bandage of your ankle"..."what the why"..... "just go eat Chicken you will need all the food you can get, to keep you alive".....what the...keep me alive why am i going to die?... and he dissapeared behind the counter... hmm that was wierd why would he call me sweet pea, i hardly know the guy, and why would i die?..... well i do vaguely remember something about something birthing through my ankle...THROUGH MY ANKLE WHAT THE HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE......i mean...........hey look theres a nice park bench and its peaceful no one around too so that rules out interuption....this table is very nice and comfy it like the.... well i cant really remember it but i can rememember bit and peices of the other night its all slowly comming back to me now..... oh well ..... .. i slowly ate my popcorn chicken when my whole left side of my body felt rigid and than suddenly pain ripped through my whole body leaving nothing in its path.... than my leg went straight up into the air..... with out me knowing and i tried to put it down but it "wouldnt go down....."it's time baby, are you ready"... whats happining help me call an ambulance my leg is parralyzed i ca..........cant move it...help!!!....."hold onto my table and close your eyes and think of how beautiful i am ...."what no.........".."do it love other wise you wont survive the gift.."..."what gift..."..... "your 16yrs gift, from our child," ..wwe, child, no, cant, not possible, we never even had sex, how could, impossible, "baby i love you // how much do you love me? , how cute do you think i am?, how excentric are you?.."....pain was rippen left right and centre how could birthing be soo painful, when it's not even a normal birth, and now my neck was burning, i cant believe this?.... "honey its all over // look at our baby girl, she is beautiful,"....... what does he mean ?...." i mean love, my power is weakening and i can not be with you in human form for much longer and our child has given up her gift to give to you so me and you can stay snake forever, and you can visit your family when ever you want...... .....how , why is my neck burning............ "for a gift to work of any sort we must bite the child or adult... ther fore for our child to give you her gift she had to bite you 6 times along you right hand side, its also a sign saying she belongs to you." .. i looked at the girl she was beautiful but snake like but she was absoloutely amazing , that was living inside me for just a short few weeks, how can that be it not even 9 months yet, and i didnt even look pregnant...? ... hmm i wonder...."darling its a snake birth not a human birth" ..... "SHUT UP AND LET ME THINK/?//
how can it even be possible i cant be a mother how can i look at welll look after a snake ?.... i gave a warning look at who ever he was..., how can i like this guy when i dont even know his name i haven't evean met him, how could he want me he must be a stalker stalking me?// why am i the one he chose i mean its not like i am beautiful.


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