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Bad Billy the Bear

By: sineadmc1990

Page 1, This is very symbolic, and I think you all know what it's about. Maybe not all, but enough to get my point across. I've been working on this for a few weeks, and this is the final piece. Enjoy. Hate me. Judge me. Kill me. I'll survive it all. Again. I have the support of people worldwide. I don't care about this site anymore. Its gone to the cyberdogs. Most of the great writers have left, or are refusing to post their best work, myself included. I no longer care about the consequences; hell, I'm welcoming them. So bring it on, coz this little writer no long gives a fuck.

Once upon a time there was a bear, and he lived in the toybox with a family of dolls. The dolls did not bother the bear (let's call him Billy) except to compliment him.

One day, Billy said something that one of the dolls didn't like (we'll call her Sophie) so she spoke up:

"Billy, that's not right. You shouldn't say things like that!" Billy did not listen, for he was such a bad bear.

So Sophie went to the children who owned the toybox, and so did all her family. Alas, the children done nothing, for they liked Billy.

Sophie and some of her family left the toybox in search of another one, but they kept in touch with the family they left behind.


Some time later, Sophie came back to the toybox, with her head held high and her pride in tact.

Billy kept on being rude, but the children done nothing. Sophie and what was left of her family got so fed up with it, they began to tell stories and poems, about Billy the Bear, and of how rude he was.

Still, Billy keeps being rude to Sophie, her family, and lots of innocent toys all around the world. But still, the children do nothing.

Moral: I'll let you work that one out, since most of us are adults on here. Well, by age at least.

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