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An old Native American Indian is telling this story to his granddaughter. He's telling her the story of the old ways and how they lived and did things. This story is not true, it really didnt happen this way; the Indians had it worse back then. You see the little girl doesn't know that her grandfather is sick,before he goes he wants to tell her the story so she can carry it on for the next generation to come. But her job is to finish the story as she get's older; you know giving it a good ending.Then at the very last the old Indian dies in his chair were he told his story.

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One sunny day in an Indian village their stood a boy by the name of Running Jug. He was a fine young boy, he was also very tall. He was not afraid of anything or anyone. He also has an older brothr named Lester Silly. As they wandered deep into the forest they saw what looked like a fort filled with white people. They have never seen so many whites before. So Lester Silly and Running Jug went inside the fort to meet all the whites.

"We Come in peace," said Lester Silly. So the whites let them come in and Lester Silly started talking to a man, he guessed it was the leader of their village. He asked him if he would like to come and see his people and see how they live. So he agreed and he told his people that they were going to see more Indians. So Lester Silly and Running Jug went back to there village to tell what they have seen. So the chief told them that it was alright for the whites to come to their village. So they went back to go get them to tell them that they could come right now. So they headed off with the whties. When they got to Running Jug and Lester Silly's village they were amazed at what they saw, all the children running and laughing, the women with baibes and cooking food. They have never seen so many Indians like this before they were amazed. So the chief told all of them to sit down and he will tell the stories of his people, and how they do things around the village. Well it was getting dark and it was time for all the whites to go home and get some rest. So they can see them again real soon. Next morning the leader of the whites came back. So the chief stepped out of his tipi and shook hands and he said to the white man.

"Come sit, I've told you stories about my people, now it's your turn to tell about your people." So he and the chief both sat down and the white man started telling stories about his people and how they do things. He also told him that many will come, and some will not be like his people. They talked for an hour and it got really dark, so the white man said good-bye to the cheif and he was haeded on his way home. It's been years since the whites came to see the Indians. It's been years since Lester Silly and Running Jug have seen them as well. Some say the whites went through some hardships and the Indians did to. Like sickness, and death, very little food. The whites will always remember the Indians, and the Indians will remember the kind hearted white people that came to there village. As Lester Silly grew up to become a man, he earned his feathers he became an akicita (warrior). Running Jug grew up and he became a man also, but not his feathers, he still as a long way to go. So back at the fort the white people were wandering what ever happened to the Indians. So they decided to go back and see how they are doing. As they were walking towards the village the white people were excited to see them again. As the Indians saw them coming in the village they all had smiles on there faces and shook hands. Lester Silly and Running Jug came out of there tipi and smiled because the white people were in there village again. So they walked towards the whites and shook hands. They greeted eachother, gave things to each other, and trading. Well season went by; they grew old together and lived a wonderful life, until they meet again in the next generation.

"Aw grandpa what happens next, what becomes of Lester Silly, does he become the new chief, or what about Running Jug, does he get his feathers," said the granddaughter excitedly.

"I don't know that's for you to decide weather or not you want Lester Silly to become chief or Running Jug to get his feathers," said Grandpa.

"Oh, I see grandpa," said the girl.

"I told you this story so that you can tell it to our younger generation, and so that you can give it a good ending. So right now, i am going to take a long nap," said Grandpa.


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