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Little Girl Sue

By: soakie peace

Page 1, When a young child has nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide, the colors are not bright.

When a young child has nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide, the colors are not bright. A girl name Little Sue was not accepted in anyone life, excepted for her own life. There were family members that took her in and raise her from a young girl to a young adult. They raise her as their child, and love her unconditionally. As time went on, the only parent that was there for her has left and passed on. Little Sue whole life is going to turn around not for better, but for whatever it may come.

She arrive in another state by a different relative who always adore her, at that time she couldn’t take care of Sue she had children’s of her own. So she had taken Little Girl Sue over to her sister house. Her sister also had children’s of her own, and was married with a husband, who didn’t want Little Sue to live there with his family. But she and her husband were stable at the time with no worries. Little Sue was always upset and didn’t know what to say or do. She always had to clean the house and watch over her cousins, whiles her Aunt and Uncle where at work, and also had to do her schoolwork every night. She felt like nobody cares for her except for her parents she live within her past.

Time went on she always was unhappy, never received any clothes, only the clothes that she had was from family member (Hand me down). She would go to school when it was snowing with White Canvas Sneaker on, her feet was so wet till they were frozen. And it seen as though no one care about Little Girl Sue, she was literally out in the cold for real.

From a far her aunt came over to the house, were she was currently living. Now this aunt was from her father side of the family. Her aunt notice that Little Sue look like no one was taking care of her. So her aunt suggested that she come and stay with her, and help her out in the house. So her other aunt who she was originally living with agree with the arrangements. Little Girl Sue was happy as a lamb.

Little Girl Sue is now living with her aunt and she love it; she has new clothes and new shoes, and go to school with new friends. And all her aunt wanted her do is to help her out in the house. It was a situation when one hand washes another, and that I may say is a good marriage in deed. Little Girl Sue was now instill with morals and good beliefs.

Let me just say when you grow up in a certain way, we tend to think that we will become what are environment may be. But that not true, some of us can recognize the negative from the positive. Once you come to realization of where you going in the right way and have the now how everything will come together. Just because you live a difficult life for a short amount of time, don’t think your life can’t change into, “Some Kind of Wonderful.”

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