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Mr. Tim an ordinary soldier reveals the truth of his life which leads him to plan something to never remind his past again.

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Golden flames of fire went out through the windows of the oldest wooden house.The house stood there as a legend in its oldest styles to give a glance of the ancient city. A rumour had passed that the house belonged to a man named Tim, an old man living in other side of the city. A short description of Mr. Tim followed this way, white hair,wrinkled face,eyes gone deep inside in search of happiness, a long coat his army pride and a thick pair of wooden stick to help him struggle through the unsteady paths of life.A kind of daily routine Mr. Tim would walk along the street and stop by the house and stare at it as if fresh memories stuck him to move forward. The pedestrians had often noticed his behaviour, but never figured it out .Whenever he looked at the house a faint hope of smile would cross his lips.

His twenties seemed very energetic, a young gentleman heading for the army with a big smile as he always longed to be the one. Army life was challenging for tim but he did enjoy it. Time passed and one day he had a call from his father .."hey tim how're you doing son?",Tim had always opposed his father's idea of becoming a heart surgeon and had joined the army without his permission.He just couldn't speak for a moment and then" hallo dad,i m sorry ,i was so eager to join,that i couldnt wait for your permission" his voice choked as he spoke..

His father strongly replied,"don't feel sorry,it was your dream and you lived it as i had lived serving my patients..but i have to disclose this truth to you and its time..

Suddenly hearing about something unexpected tim further questioned,"what truth dad?"could you please be clear enough." Tim could just hear his father call him home and kept the phone.

Early in the morning with a notice to return back tim left the barrack and started his journey towards home. His father was waiting for him at the gate. "Welcome son",his father hugged him with delight. But tim was still stuck with those words in the phone..the truth..Without waiting for his son's eagerness tim was taken by his father to the other side of the street. They entered a narrow gate and there stood the wooden house with its balcony in the front,hanging flowers all around and a big window to see the inner walls of the house..Entering the house tim'sfather took him to the corner room ,as he opened the door a lady lay there in bed in a critical situation.Tim was told that the lady was his father's patient and he had been curing her since 50 years. Surprisingly Tim asked,"Why on earth would you cure her separately,for fifty years dad?"

"That is where the truth lies my son",tim's father sighed.

He said with a doubtful of arising questions from his son," she is your mother".

Tim had never met his mother, she was dead for him ,hearing this words tim shouted" dad r you gone mad,my mother is dead..a patient you care for fifty years does not mean you give her the right to be my mother"."Plz dad" tim gave a loud cry..

His father started," Since you were born, Sara your mother's life changed,she became aggressive,more rude and lonliness was what she always preferred. Tim, my child you were never wanted by your mother. She wanted to be alone ..she cursed herself for getting married. She was a heart patient and never wanted to hurt her. But she grew more agressive day by day and i brought her here. Now she is in her last stage of life.I wanted to make her realize that the son she hated has grown big enough to live his dream."

Saying this his father cried giving a hug to Tim. Tim couldn't speak for a while and just went where he had to go with a heavy heart..His father stopped him but Tim never returned back.

Old Tim wiped his tears and looked at the flames of the burning house in front of him. Now he didn't had to stop there to regret his birth ...Finally he let his hand for a lighter to lit a cigar...

The lighter had dropped in the wooden house....


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