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Value of a best friend

Short story By: sulochana

Best friend is hard to find..and it even more tough to let them go..

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"Alright, you are chosen",said the lady with a smile. I was glad to see myself get through without any practise. I loved participating in dance competition but this time I tried my luck in my School's Annual Concert which was held every end of the year.

The large hall had its cheering participants everywhere from class V to class XII. It was the audition day and everyone of them were trying their best to perform.Girls from XI Sci. were almost selected including me. Boys were mostly from XI arts and I could hear the dance teacher shout,"does anyone of you even know the meaning of step". "Just one chance mam,we'll do much better",boys sighed.

After many given chances finally eight boys and eight girls were selected. Our group was given the "Salsa category".

Our rehearsals started and we enjoyed our dance. My partner was kind of wierd type always complaining about me and ignoring him was fun.

It was friday afternoon and we had to wait for 15 more minutes as our dance teacher arrived late that day. Being a quite person i sat on a bench and enjoyed the view of all the students eagerly practising . Suddenly I heard ,"Excuse me, can you provide me some space ?" I was just annoyed but later realized he was my friend's partner in dance."Sure" i said. "Do you always sit alone? " he further proceeded.."Actually i don;t like to mix with the crowd so i am here."

"ok..i heard from your friend that you came from St.Joseph..Our school are like neighbours but i had never seen you before."

"It happens." i said not to make the conversation lengthy.

We had our practise, so I packed my bag to leave for home. As i reached the gate i saw my friend's partner standing beside the gate. I was unaware what he was upto.May be i was too rude I gossiped myself. When i came near him he said," Actually I was waiting for you,would you mind if i join you? It was strange enough but i couldn't ignore him. So we walked together talking about the rehearsal. I found him very friendly and a gentle nature boy.

Days passed and I listed him in my "best friend category"

Gradually our college life took us in adifferent path..but still we called each other ..and also remained in contact through mails.

Finally after a long gap of time we decided to meet each other in our vacation..So we fixed the place and the time. We met..he was taller and handsome and healthier also. "Very happy to see you..I have a surprise for you". "I was also very excited to meet you..ok what is the surprise?''

"I joined the army". "really ! but you never had any plans?"I exclaimed. "Yes dear, my mother i got it after my father's retirement". So we had a good day together.

The day ended and it was like our friendship was over too. The next few days after our meeting was normal but after that neither did he call me nor did he receive my call. I was unhappy trying to console myself that he would call up.

After 10 days of gap he called up...I was so happy , "Thank god you called; where the heaven were you? Do you even know how much i missed you and your call?I want to meet you in the same place again."

"You see ava i married and i can't be the same again..I know you'll understand..I was unable to tell you because i din't had the guts so finally i encouraged myself to tell you..I met her in the college."

Hearing all his words made me silent for a while..Then I spoke up, "Wow congratulations, though you never told me about it..I am more than happy for you my dear friend.I am going to miss all those memories we left behind. But we are still friends isn't it?" I chuckled.

"Hey ofcourse we are always friends..how can i forget you dear..the thing is only that we'll have to understand certain circumstances now.."

"Yes I know..i wish you a very happy marriage life."

I realized best friend are those people whom you don't wanna let go. He is still my best friend but he is someone's husband as well and i was awrae of the fact that a third person's entry would ruin his world..So i never bothered him..

He sometimes call me and we start our old conversations again...


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