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Just How Human Are You? In What Ways?

Short story By: Timesoftrouble

Anyone who looks deep into the ways of this world can see no more than human failure; buy why?

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Just how human are you? Spiritually human enough to understand that a fellow believer does not just give up seven years of their life for no reason? Spiritual enough to know that number seven means completeness to God? Spiritual enough to share written truth through spiritual desire to please God just as Christ in John 8:29?

Have you ever given much thought in some depth to why all the horrible suffering in this world? Why all the rapes, beatings, child abuse, wars, rebel violence, tortures, greed, lies, corrupt governments, corrupt religions, corrupt worthless music beyond empty words being no different than news, talk shows, television and movies which have never changed anything in this world while only being as a hidden lead into darkness?

It's because none on this planet know who they are or why they were created with our most important destiny still being totally unknown because it's a human love with a heartfelt compassion for others that one day soon [7-10 years] will come within another kingdom not being ruled by humans. But first the worst timesoftrouble must come being the only way God can teach beyond His words none hear in truth as written.

Think of your life like this - you see your neighbor in need, a stranger, or anyone anywhere, so out of heartfelt kindness you assist with their smile as your greatest reward - and it feels good, I mean really good because you did something special for another person; and one day soon those you helped will see another in need for some mechanical help, so they take their spare time to help them through advice and even turning wrenches until their problem is solved, and because those helped are very happy - so are you. Time goes by and those you helped see others in need, and it's something being major electrical and electronic problems being one of your greatest strong points, so you help in spending much time trying to figure a strange and difficult problem with solution; and if you were on the job with hourly rates for your service the bill could be thousands; yet because people in great distress without funds really needed your help, you just did it from love with compassion making them so very happy as your payment. As time passed, it was them seeing another in great need due physical ailments being broken and lost teeth with age and gum infections always coming. Well, being their dental chair and dental tools requiring power had been restored with no cost, their heart said lets help this man, so he did over and over and over with four new chewing teeth being two uppers and two lowers screwed into the jaw bones using modern titanium; ah, modern technology with increased knowledge as written in Daniel 4; but also a sign of these end times.

There was the movie 'Pay It Forward' with God never mentioned, yet what the movie showed its viewers was a truth to come in God's kingdom because the main enforced law will be to love others as we love ourselves.

Now concerning the loving kindness of the dentist - To me with my age and conditions being as described having zero funds, that will be a dream answered because one day this entire world will become as a loving giving human race with no more fights, no more greed, no more hate, no more power hungry people fueled with pride and no more worthless material items which only fade away; but rather a world filled with only the good life as in sports, camping, travel, scuba, mountain climbing, kayak, singing, dancing, loving relationships, lions and sheep lying together with no more pollution, no more wars, no more crime, no more rapes, no more child abusers, no more woman beaters, no more same sex relationships and just no more lies which have made this world to be its own disaster getting ready to happen.

Are you human? Just how human are you? Human enough to read what it's like to live a life with no other true humans [according to God] who all say they are?

http://timeoftroubles.webs.com/philippinelifestyle.htm - The current way of life for me and my wife with a seven years history being much worse many times.


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