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To Infinity - and Beyond!

By: Tokemies

Page 1, This story has nothing to do with Buzz Lightyear!

By his mother, his eggs were layed on a normal summer day... Well, he wasn't actually sure about the year. After all, birds don't actually pay that much attention to the chronology of humen, as incredible as that might sound to someone. But it was somewhere around year 1500 and 2500 BC, I'd think... possibly... maybe.

This bird was a robin and his name was Squeakysqueak, named after his mother, father, brother, grandmother and the brother-in-law of his aunt who he was also named after.

The day Squeakysqueak was born was a normal day in any possible way. It was not-sunny-but-not-dark day in the summer; at least it could have been but there rained, it was a real storm. It was a 13. day of june - like the birds would had been pursueing the human calendar they knew something to be wrong that day. It's not like they had been superstitous creatures, they just used to believe in some incredibly unlikely humbug. For example they believed that if you are eaten by a beast you'll return in the form of a worm to feed your family.

The egg started hatching and nothing was in the way of the life showing it's might once more. Suddenly Squeakysqueak came out of the egg and made all his relatives uneasy.

"What is this?" one asked from another. "Why does he look like that?"

Squeakysqueaks appearance, yes, that's what shocked them. Squeakysqueak was a cute, fluffy, little creature, so adorable that the great blue eyes of him would have made all the hunters to put the gun down. Yes, that's exactly what a human child would expect from a bird baby, but not the birds - they had never seen a baby bird who was not ugly. All the robins were born as ugly little slimeballs nobody wanted and no one could understand what had gone wrong with this one. It was unnatural!

"I still love him!" Squeakysqueaks mother Squeakysqueak said. "No matter what he looks like!"

"BUT HE'S NOT UGLY!!!" the other birds, including Squeakysqueak's father, Squeakysqueak. "We should drown that foul, adorable thing!"

"No!" his mother said and embraced her baby. "I will raise him just like he was as ugly as all the others!" Then she shouted one word to the air: "Squeak!" You might be wondering what that would mean in bird language, but I'm sorry I have to tell you it only means 'Squeak'.

Two weeks later Squeakysqueak said his goodbyes to Squeakysqueak, Squeakysqueak and Squeakysqueak to never come back. He had grown from cute to a beautiful little bird and every robin loved him without even remembering they had wanted to drown him. Squeakysqueak prepared himself for his first flight.

So he dispersed his wings and rose to the sky, made couple of some really skillful flips and got down to the ground - and then a cat lurking in the bushes jumped to him and killed him with two nice chews and took his corpse to it's owner's home to be whacked with a broom for taking dead birds to house.




Squakysqueak came back in a form of a worm called�Flug and when he had lived for an hour, her former mother Squeakysqueak came and fed him to his new born sister Squeakysqueak.

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