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My day at school. Things are really not good.

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"Come on girls. Time to get up. Turn your beside lights on, don't forget to tidy your rooms and make your beds."
I groan, as I wearily open my eyes, and drag myself out of bed. Today's gonna be a drag, like it always is. Sometimes, I just wanna stay in bed, and cover my face with my blankets, and try to imagine I don't exist.
I'm truly depressed, but I just put on a brave face, to seem happy. Sometimes . . . No. . . . All the time, I feel lonely.
After taking a shower, I go back to my bedroom. I slowly get dressed and pack my bags. I lay my bed, and then, I begin my slow, hard, tough walk out of the boarding house.
I enter the dinning hall, and decide to seat down. I notice that everyone's wearing red and blue. Oh yeah. It's red and blue day, for charity day. It's for a good cause.
Everyone at the dinning tables are looking at me, like I'm some type of freak. The freak of the boarding house.
"Why aren't you wearing red and blue today?" Someone yells out.
I just ignore them, and walk to get my food. Breakfast is porridge and baked beans. I grab and take some sloppy porridge. I sit down by a table, and beginning eating. I don't taste the porridge. My mind is somewhere else. Most of my so called friends see me, and walk away.
"Some friends" I mutter.
I finish eating, and I'm still alone. Most of my so called friends pass by, and they ignore me. I go outside to get my maths worksheets, come back inside, and begin to study them. Nearly all my so called friends came in. when every table was free, expect mine, they'd go to that table.
I sat down by myself, for about fifty minutes. No one even said hi to me. I was still alone, while everyone else chatted so happily and giggled. I got up from the dinning hall, with tears flowing from my eyes.
I have books to return to the library. Now, I'm beginning to dread the library. I hate it now. It seems like I'm a freak in this library. Sometimes, I want to lock myself in a dungeon. So that no one would have anyone would have any idea that I even exist.
I return my books to the library. I see people and say hi to them, but they just walk off as if they didn't hear me.
The bell rings signalling us that it's time to go to our tutoring group. Yeap, you heard me. Tutor group, where my river mates were. They all stare at me from head to toe. Then, questions are thrown at me.
"Why aren't you wearing red and blue clothes?"
I reply "I don't wear clothes that are not my school uniform to school."
A young, posh girl, by the name of May, starts asking me, so many stupid, annoying questions. I start to get so frustrated, and mad at her. I just want to yell out at her "OH JUST SHUT UP MAY!! I'M NOT WEARING RED AND BLUE, BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO DO IT. IT'S NOT COMPLUSORY. SO JUST SHUT UP!!"
She keeps on saying, "You know, if you don't dress up, you don't get any cupcakes."
"Shut up. . . " I mummer
"Just shut up."
I don't know how I manage to survive tutor group, but I know that things are just gonna get worse.


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