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Could this be the future?

Short story By: tvmotltf134

Could this be the future? You have to decide

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Could this be the future?
She breathed in deeply inhaling the warm fresh scent of the water. Her feet felt cool as the water touched them, sending cold sensations up her body. The soft ocean breeze made her long golden brown hair flutter like the wings of a butterfly. Her dark grey eyes looked around, searching for dolphins. To her, they were the most fascinating creatures, strong and beautiful with smooth, wet slippery skin. Their songs were both mystical and enchanting at the same time. Their eyes were always full of life. It was as if they could look through her. It was as if they could read her like a book and know every detail about her.
A soft sigh escaped from her lips as she grew tired of searching for the intriguing creatures. She looked at the sky. The white blazing sun, shining in all its glory was beginning to set, making the sky shades of pink, purple, orange and red. She watched the reflection of the sun on the water. It seemed to her, the sun rose in the morning from the depths of the ocean and into the sky to give warmth and light to all plants, humans and creatures.
She let her imagination run wild. She imagined the sun, purple and bright lighting up the world of the unknown, making it a lovely place to live, helping plants grow and helping creatures big and small survive.
She turned around and walked away from the water onto the sandy ground. There she sat down beside a rock. She nestled her toes into the sand making note of its coarse texture. She looked around taking in the scenery once more. She wiggled her toes and felt the pleasure of the sand between them. She cupped a handful of sand and let it fall. She smiled in wonder as the breeze carried the sand away, she watched as it became nothing more but a small trail as it moved further into the distance.
She looked back towards the water. The sun set however the sky still had shades of pink, purple, orange and red. She patiently watched as the colors faded and the dark, feared, mysterious deep blue color of the Nightsky emerged.
Things are about to change.
She shivered as the wind grew stronger. It was cold and brutal, making her body turn numb. The sands coarse texture changed to a harsh oily texture. She quickly wiggled her toes out of the sand. She tried to wipe the sand away from her legs, but it was hard to remove. She rubbed her fingers together. There was oil on the sand.
She stood up. Something had changed. Something was different. She began walking around but soon she slipped and fell. Its ash grey colour made her tremble in fear.
The moon was cruel, unmerciful, heartless and cold. It brought fear into the hearts of many. It shone brightly but caused death and destruction.
The change has begun.
She looked away from the moon. Her heart was pounding fast. Her breath quickened. Her dress, arms and legs felt wet. She quickly got up and looked at her dress. The cruel moon played its part making the future known to her. She screamed loudly in terror. Her dress once white was drenched in blood. She grimaced in disgust at the terrible smell. Her first thoughts were to remove her clothes and enter the water. What she saw next made her change her mind.
Dead creatures became visible to her. Their blood flowed from their wounds. She saw the majestic dolphins she loved so much laying on the ground dead. Their throats slit open. Their deep red blood flowed onto the ground. Their eyes once full of life were filled with terror and fear. Tears fell from her eyes. Why did this have to happen?
Her breath quickened as she saw one of the most feared creatures of the deep. Sharks lay on the ground. Their fins were missing. They had been mutilated. She could see their bones, meat and muscle from where the fins had been cut off. Their mouths were wide open, showing their sharp lethal teeth. Their eyes were open wide with fear; it was as if they were pleading to be set free, before they were killed in a chilly inhumane way.
She turned around and saw fishing nets, fishing rods, plastic bags, bottles and rubbish lying on the ground. Amongst other creatures, she saw a small green turtle. She slowly made her way towards it. As she did, she hoped it was alive. Her hopes were dashed as she moved closer. She wanted to turn around and leave. Her mind told her to stay. The turtle was young and had a life to live. A plastic bag put an end to its life.
Fish lay on the ground motionless. Some were gasping for air. She looked at the water. It was red with blood.
A purple light caught her attention. It was the sun. She began to run. She was careful not to step on the rubbish on the corpses on the ground. Her chest began to burn. Her lungs screamed for air. She didn't stop. The sun was the giver of life. She ran like she had never run before.
She reached the sun. Its light was growing dim by the second. She wanted to help. There was nothing she could do. She was helpless. She stood there and watched as the sun's light faded away.
She fell to the ground and wept.
Could this be the future?


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